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Resources for Homeowners

In response to the COVID-19 national emergency, FHA permitted borrowers to enter into forbearance, a pause or reduction in their monthly mortgage for up to six months. Borrowers can request an additional six months if needed.

FHA does not require lump sum repayment at the end of the forbearance, and has developed the COVID-19 Standalone Partial Claim to assist with repayment. If borrowers were current or less than 30 days delinquent as of March 1, 2020, they may be entitled to this option.

A partial claim is a zero interest, no fee, junior lien on the borrowerā€™s property that will become payable when the borrower sells their home, pays off their mortgage, or their mortgage otherwise terminates. If the borrower does not qualify for the COVID-19 Standalone Partial Claim, FHA offers other tools to help repay missed payments over time.

For more information on FHA mortgages please call 1-800-CALL-FHA (1-800-225-5342).