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Field Leadership

Vacant, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Field Policy and ManagementVacant
Assistant Deputy Secretary for Field Policy and Management


Christopher D. Taylor, Director for Field Policy and ManagementChristopher D. Taylor
Director for Field Policy and Management

Region I - Boston

Regional Administrator, Juana MatiasRegional Administrator, Juana Matias
(617) 994-8200

Region II - New York

Regional Administrator, Alicka Ampry-SamuelRegional Administrator, Alicka Ampry-Samuel
(212) 264-8000

Region III - Philadelphia

Regional Administrator, Matthew HecklesRegional Administrator, Matthew Heckles
(215) 656-0600

Region IV - Atlanta

Regional Administrator, Jennifer Riley CollinsRegional Administrator, Jennifer Riley Collins
(678) 732-2200

Region V - Chicago

Regional Administrator, Diane M. ShelleyRegional Administrator, Diane M. Shelley
(312) 353-5680

Region VI - Fort Worth

Regional Administrator, Candace ValenzuelaRegional Administrator, Candace Valenzuela
(817) 978-5965

Region VII - Kansas City

Regional Administrator, Ulysses 'Deke' ClaybornRegional Administrator, Ulysses “Deke” Clayborn
(913) 551-5462

Region VIII - Denver

Regional Administrator, Dominique JacksonRegional Administrator, Dominique Jackson
(303) 672-5440

Region IX - San Francisco
Regional Administrator, Jason PuRegional Administrator, Jason Pu
(415) 489-6400
Region X - Seattle
Regional Administrator, VacantRegional Administrator, Andrew Lofton
(206) 220-5101