RAD Photo Essays & Case Studies

As RAD celebrates converting 100,000 public housing homes, the following photo essay series documents the experience from the resident’s perspective. The purpose of RAD is to preserve and improve affordable housing so that residents can live in stable, healthy, and safe environments. This series is meant to highlight the real-life impact of RAD. After all, the success of RAD isn't measured in dollars but in people. We are excited to share how lives have been and will continue to be affected by RAD in a positive way. To view the essays, click on the pictures below. Previous case studies are also available below the photo essays.

Picture of Photo Essay RAD in Holyoke MA

RAD in Chicago RAD in Rockaway

RAD in Philadelphia, PA

RAD in Holyoke, MA
Published 6/9/2020
RAD & MTW in Chicago, IL
Published 11/20/2019
RAD in Far Rockaway, NY
Published 8/19/2019
RAD in Philadephia, PA
Published 5/23/2019

RAD in Nashville, TN

RAD in El Paso RAD in New Bern RAD in Northfield
RAD in Nashville, TN
Published 2/6/2019
RAD in El Paso, TX
RAD in New Bern, NC
Published 9/6/2018
RAD in Northfield, MN
Published 4/26/2018
RAD in Ohio RAD in San Francisco RAD in Portland RAD in Baltimore
RAD in Cleveland, OH
Published 3/1/2018
RAD in San Franciso, CA
Published 1/18/2018
RAD in Maine
Published 12/11/2017
RAD in Baltimore, MD
Published 9/21/2017


Case Studies

HUD produces numerous RAD case studies to help inform public housing and affordable housing providers as to the benefits of RAD. These case studies shine a spotlight on numerous types of RAD conversions that have closed successfully, and successfully preserved housing for low-income tenants.

Here are the case studies published to date: