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Awardee Materials

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved RAD Forms for Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) Collection 2502-0612. This collection has been submitted for renewal and the forms listed on this page is pending final approval. (9/15/2021).

Awardees should visit the RAD Resource Desk for materials and guidance on the conversion process, including training materials and guides on the Financing Plan submission and closing.


HAP Contracts & Riders


Depending on the type of conversion choice by the PHA, one of the below HAP contracts will be executed in addition to any applicable Riders.

  • Public Housing - PBV HAP Part I (HUD 52621A(Updated 9/15/2021)
  • Public Housing - PBV HAP Part II (HUD 52621B(Updated 9/15/2021)
  • Public Housing - PBV Rider for New Construction or Rehabilitated Housing Rider (HUD 52621)
  • Public Housing - PBRA HAP Part I (HUD 52620A(Updated 9/15/2021)
  • Public Housing - PBRA HAP Part II (HUD 52620B(Updated 9/15/2021)
  • Addendum to HAP - Labor Standards (HUD 5679(Updated 9/15/2021)



Other Related Documents


  • RAD Relocation Checklist (HUD Form 5976, revision coming soon)
  • RAD Counsel Opinions: PHA Counsel (HUD 5890) | Project Owner Counsel (HUD 5892(Updated 9/15/2021)
  • RAD Public Housing Use Agreement (HUD 52625(Updated 9/15/2021)
  • RAD Public Housing Conversion Commitment (HUD 52624(Updated 9/15/2021)
  • RAD Section 18 Blend Rider Use Agreement (HUD 5900) (Updated 9/15/2021)






RAD Closing of Existing Mixed-Finance Transactions Documents

The legal documents below are samples.