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Awardee Materials

This page lists the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) public housing forms for the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) Collection 2502-0612. The forms are approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and expires on July 31, 2025. Awardees should visit the RAD Resource Desk for materials and guidance on the conversion process, including training materials and guides on the Financing Plan submission and closing. For more information contact us at RAD@hud.gov


HAP Contracts & Riders


Depending on the type of conversion choice by the PHA, one of the below HAP contracts will be executed in addition to any applicable Riders.

  • Public Housing - PBV HAP Part I (HUD 52621A) (Updated 8/5/2022)
  • Public Housing - PBV HAP Part II (HUD 52621B) (Updated 8/5/2022)
  • Public Housing - PBV Rider for New Construction or Rehabilitated Housing Rider (HUD 52621) (Updated 8/5/2022)
  • Public Housing - PBRA HAP Part I (HUD 52620A) (Updated 8/5/2022)
  • Public Housing - PBRA HAP Part II (HUD 52620B) (Updated 8/5/2022)
  • Addendum to HAP - Labor Standards (HUD 5679) (Updated 8/5/2022)



Other Related Documents


  • RAD Relocation Checklist (HUD Form 5976 - SAMPLE File. To access the checklist, visit the RAD Resource Desk)
  • RAD Counsel Opinions: PHA Counsel (HUD 5890) | Project Owner Counsel (HUD 5892) (Updated 8/5/2022)
  • RAD Public Housing Use Agreement (HUD 52625) (Updated 8/5/2022)
  • RAD Public Housing Conversion Commitment (HUD 52624) (Updated 8/5/2022)
  • RAD Section 18 Blend Rider Use Agreement (HUD 5900) (Updated 8/5/2022)






RAD Closing of Existing Mixed-Finance Transactions Documents

The legal documents below are samples.