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HUD is inviting feedback on our draft FY22-26 Strategic Plan focus areas. The Strategic Plan is one of the mechanisms we have available to define what transformational progress looks like for HUD’s programs and for the communities we serve. 

Through our focus areas we are strengthening our commitment to the people we serve by setting robust expectations, pushing ourselves to deliver on the Department’s mission even more efficiently and effectively, and elevating the voices of the underserved, while focusing our efforts to improve equity through the programs we deliver.


HUD Draft FY22-26 Strategic Plan Focus Areas

HUD’s Mission

Create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.


Support Underserved Communities

HUD will fortify support for underserved communities and support equitable community development for all people in America. To support this focus area, HUD will advance housing justice for vulnerable populations and underserved communities by enforcing Fair Housing laws; reduce homelessness by strengthening Federal, State, Tribal, and community implementation of the Housing First approach to reducing the prevalence of homelessness, with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness; and invest in the success of our residents, communities, Tribes, and grantees by promoting inclusive community economic development that generates equitable wealth-building, particularly for underserved communities.


Ensure Access to and Increase the Production of Affordable Housing

HUD will ensure the housing demand is matched by adequate production of new homes and equitable access to housing opportunities for all people. To support this focus area, HUD will increase the supply of housing by enhancing HUD’s programs that increase the production and supply of housing across the country; and improve rental assistance to address the need for affordable housing.


Promote Homeownership

HUD will support homeownership opportunity and wealth-building in underserved communities by promoting equitable access to credit for the purchase, refinance, and improvement of homes. To support this focus area, HUD will advance sustainable homeownership by providing affordable homeownership tools, down payment assistance, and housing counseling; and advance equity in the housing finance system through new policy, programs, and modernization initiatives to preserve and increase the supply of affordable housing while removing barriers to access.


Advance Sustainable Communities

HUD will advance sustainable communities by strengthening climate resilience and energy efficiency, promoting environmental justice, and recognizing housing’s role as essential to health. To support this focus area, HUD will guide investment in climate resilience, energy efficiency, and renewable energy across HUD investments and disaster recovery and mitigation programs; strengthen environmental justice through Federal, State, and local protections for low-income households and communities of color who are disproportionately exposed to health risks, environmental hazards, and substandard housing; and integrate healthcare, supportive services, and housing policies that recognize housing’s role as essential to health.


Send us your thoughts by email at SPPD@HUD.gov. Please provide your comments by Friday, January 28, 2022. Comments received after that date will be considered to the extent practicable. We look forward to receiving your comments.