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Extreme Heat


Extreme heat kills more people than any other weather-related hazard. In 2023, the world recorded the warmest year on record. Across the United States, heat records were broken, including Phoenix, Arizona experiencing 31 consecutive days above 110°F, and Chicago, Illinois reaching a heat index of 120°F.

At HUD, increasing awareness around current and future impacts of extreme heat on the communities and people we serve is a priority. HUD is developing technical assistance resources focused on extreme heat, working on program policy updates, and coordinating with federal agency partners on extreme heat initiatives including actively participating in the National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS).

Act: Prepare for and Respond to Extreme Heat Events


Learn more about the actions you can take to prepare for, and respond to, Extreme Heat events.

  • Heat.gov: Federal Government’s premier source of heat and health information, serving as the web portal for NIHHIS.
  • HUD Exchange/ExtremeHeat: Library of Technical Assistance resources for HUD program participants.
  • Extreme Heat | Ready.gov: Public service campaign to empower and educate the public on extreme heat events, disasters, and other emergencies.
  • Urban Heat Islands: Resource focused on increasing awareness and taking action to address urban heat islands.
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Resources may be available to help fund investments to address extreme heat and increase climate resilience. HUD’s Build for the Future Funding Navigator can help. Search for the “resilience” project type and then the “extreme heat” project subtype to find funding opportunities that may be available.

The Office of Public & Indian Housing and Community Planning and Development has issued additional guidance on how existing HUD program resources can be used to help prepare for, respond to, and mitigate extreme heat events.


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