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Financial Assessment of Multifamily Housing (FASS-MF)

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 -   Industry User Guide
 -   Miller Memorandum-Submission and Review Requirements and REMS Critical Data Fields for Annual Financial Statements (AFS)
 -   Important Electronic Submission Issues
 -   Documents and Guidance
 -   FAQs
 -   FASS-MF Library

Public Guidance
 -   AICPA
 -   Federal Register
 -   Gov. Audit Standards
 -   OIG
 -   OMB Circular A-133
 -   Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)


 -   Meet the Team

Over 20,000 Multifamily Housing Program participants are required to submit annual electronic financial statement data to HUD for assessing the financial condition of Multifamily Housing Projects.


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 -   Attention: System maintenance is scheduled for this weekend that will start Friday 3/18/11 @ 9pm thru Sunday 3/20/11 @ 4:00 pm that will impact FASS-FHA external user’s ability to reset their passwords. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

 -   To allow the best customer service possible, all users with a 12/31 fiscal year end date are encouraged to submit their electronic filings as soon as possible. Currently, only 129 of the 16000 submissions have been received.

If users are in need of User ID or Password resets, please contact the TAC at 1-888-245-4860. Users are encouraged to visit the following link, at any time of the day, and reset their own passwords by clicking on Password Reset and following the system automated prompts.

 -   Production will be interrupted while HP work on the servers.

HP need to perform urgent maintenance on the production Java servers to address the performance issues. While they are doing this users made be disconnected and will have to sign back on.

 -   Reporting Requirements for Cooperative Owners The Office of Asset Management has determined that all HUD insured and/or assisted cooperatives must submit financial statements audited in accordance with OMB Circular A-133 for the fiscal year ending 12/31/09 and thereafter. Here is a link to the official memorandum: http://www.hud.gov/offices/reac/products/fass/

On December 31, 2009 the Office of Asset Management will run a production utility that will change the mortgagor type of all cooperative owners to a nonprofit. Beginning January 1, 2010 cooperative owners will no longer be able to file audits under the Inspector General's Consolidated Audit Guide IG2000.04. Audits for cooperative owners will have to be filed under OMB Circular A-133.

 -   Clarification of Filing Requirements for Audited Annual Financial Statements for HUD Insured/Assisted Cooperatives.

 -   Verification Screen

The Verification screen in FASSUB requires submitters to verify certain critical information that is pulled from HUD's IREMS database (e.g. reporting period, mortgagor type, tax identification number, etc.). It is very important that this information be checked for accuracy and that any errors be corrected before a draft submission template is created. If financial statements are submitted with inaccurate reporting periods or other incorrect information then we must archive them and the owner must resubmit. If there are errors in ownership information the owner must correct these errors in the Active Partners Performance System (APPS). Instructions are available at


If there are errors in the reporting period you should contact your local project manager.

 -   Passwords for secure systems expire in 90 days if they are not used. Don’t wait till the last Minute! Please test your password and if it needs to be reset contact the REAC Technical Assistance Center via email at REAC_TAC@hud.gov.

 -   Technical Assistance Available via Email
 -   Disappearing Accounts
 -   Accounting Guidance for M2M Projects
 -   Office of Asset Management Memorandum Concerning Leased Nursing Homes
 -   User IDs Disabled after 90 Days of Inactivity
 -   Secure Systems - Multiple Users Now Prohibited from Using Same ID
 -   Terminology Changes in Response to SAS 112
 -   REAC recently changed the name of two accounts
 -   Updated Guidance for Changes in Owner Fiscal Year End

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