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Document Type Definitions (DTDs) for XML

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PHAs and software vendors send Form HUD-50058 data to HUD in a fixed format ASCII file or an XML file. (HUD automatically converts ASCII files into XML files.) HUD checks the file for format validity, executes database checks, and checks the file against the Technical Reference Guide (TRG). Many files are returned due to format errors in the original fixed format ASCII file.

The Document Type Definitions (DTDS), which are used in conjunction with the Form 50058 Validation/Conversion Tool, provide the format requirements for XML files and can help reduce format errors in two ways:

  1. If the PHA/vendor uses the conversion utility to convert an ASCII file to an XML files, the utility will check the file format against these DTDs and note any file format discrepancies.

  2. If the PHA/vendor creates an original XML file, they can use these DTDs to create the appropriate file format.

The definitions in the DTDs are derived from the Form 50058, the Fixed Format Transmission, and contain several of the data validations from the TRG.

Document Type Definitions (DTDs)

Based on the Form HUD-50058 hierarchy and the records format of the transmission file. The Form HUD-50058 is divided into separate records such as Basic, Family and Income. This also includes the FSS/WTW addendum as an optional node.

Contains the FSS/WTW fields from the Form HUD-50058, along with the required fields from the Basic and Family records. This DTD has been designed specifically for FSS/WTW submissions.

Contains a minimum set of elements and specifically designed to accommodate special action types, such as End of Participation and Portability Move-outs.

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