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Form HUD-50058 Conversion/Validation Tool

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 -   Technical Reference Guide
 -   Document Type Definitions (DTDs) for XML
 -   Form HUD-50058


The Form 50058 Conversion/Validation Tool converts Form HUD-50058 from fixed length ASCII files into XML, and then validates the forms based on the Technical Reference Guide. The conversion module converts a fixed format ASCII file into XML format, based on the HUD 50058 Document Type Definitions (DTDs).

The Validation module, which validates original XML files and XML files converted from fixed format ASCII files, performs two kinds of validations:

  1. Validations against the HUD 50058 DTDs
  2. Validations against the Technical Reference Guide.

The validation process results in a series of reports (in HTML, XML, CSV and TXT formats) that provide information about the errors within a transmission.

A new version of the Form 50058 Conversion/Validation Tool has been released and is available for download. The new version in developed with the latest J2ee code and it will validate the forms based on the latest Technical Reference Guide.

Download the Conversion/Validation Tool

 -   Conversion/Validation tool (exe, 25 MB)
 -   ReadMe instructions

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