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2011 Capital Fund ACC Amendments


Note: The list below is ordered by HA Code. To see the details (in Adobe PDF format) for each grant, click on the respective grant number.

HA Code PHA Name Grant Number Amount
MN001 Public Housing Agency of the City of Saint Paul MN46R00150211 $34,466.00
MN001 Public Housing Agency of the City of Saint Paul MN46R00150111 $18,140.00
MN001 Public Housing Agency of the City of Saint Paul MN46P00150111 $6,499,693.00
MN002 Minneapolis PHA In And for the City of Mineapolis MN46P00250111 $11,530,231.00
MN002 Minneapolis PHA In And for the City of Mineapolis MN46R00250111 $18,783.00
MN002 Minneapolis PHA In And for the City of Mineapolis MN46R00250211 $30,522.00
MN003 HRA of Duluth, Minnesota MN46R00350111 $31,211.00
MN003 HRA of Duluth, Minnesota MN46P00350111 $1,421,778.00
MN003 HRA of Duluth, Minnesota MN46R00350211 $95,340.00
MN004 The HRA of Hibbing, Minnesota MN46P00450111 $327,564.00
MN004 The HRA of Hibbing, Minnesota MN46R00450111 $80,172.00
MN005 HRA of Chisholm, Minnesota MN46P00550111 $113,110.00
MN006 HRA of Winona, Minnesota MN46P00650111 $482,630.00
MN007 HRA of Virginia, Minnesota MN46P00750111 $338,750.00
MN008 HRA of Fergus Falls, Minnesota MN46P00850111 $80,036.00
MN009 HRA of Bemidji, Minnesota MN46P00950111 $131,255.00
MN010 HRA of the City of South St Paul, Minnesota MN46P01050111 $393,404.00
MN011 HRA of Eveleth, Minnesota MN46P01150111 $41,073.00
MN014 HRA of Benson, Minnesota MN46P01450111 $104,629.00
MN017 Moorhead Public Housing Agency MN46P01750111 $184,104.00
MN017 Moorhead Public Housing Agency MN46R01750111 $47,578.00
MN018 HRA of Wadena, Minnesota MN46P01850111 $56,457.00
MN019 North Mankato Housing And Redevelopment Autho MN46P01950111 $70,470.00
MN020 HRA of Perham, Minnesota MN46P02050111 $33,998.00
MN021 Crookston Housing and Economic Development Authority MN46P02150111 $56,676.00
MN022 HRA of the City of Blue Earth, Minnesota MN46P02250111 $46,934.00
MN023 HRA of International Falls, Minnesota MN46P02350111 $82,796.00
MN024 HRA of Two Harbors, Minnesota MN46P02450111 $56,356.00
MN025 HRA of Walker, Minnesota MN46P02550111 $26,943.00
MN026 HRA of Montevideo, Minnesota MN46P02650111 $61,621.00
MN027 Thief River Falls Housing & Redevelopment Aut MN46P02750111 $83,640.00
MN028 HRA of Sauk Centre, Minnesota MN46P02850111 $36,711.00
MN029 HRA of Madison, Minnesota MN46P02950111 $39,468.00
MN030 HRA of Morris, Minnesota MN46P03050111 $54,569.00
MN031 HRA of St. James, Minnesota MN46P03150111 $78,700.00
MN032 HRA In And for the City of Brainerd, Minnesota MN46P03250111 $203,667.00
MN033 HRA of Montgomery, Minnesota MN46R03350111 $35,453.00
MN034 HRA of Worthington, Minnesota MN46P03450111 $161,672.00
MN035 HRA of Alexandria, Minnesota MN46P03550111 $129,521.00
MN036 HRA of Redwood Falls, Minnesota MN46P03650111 $60,087.00
MN037 HRA of Aitkin County, Minnesota MN46P03750111 $147,606.00
MN038 HRA of St. Cloud, Minnesota MN46P03850111 $392,434.00
MN039 HRA of Le Sueur, Minnesota MN46P03950111 $45,496.00
MN040 HRA of Tracy, Minnesota MN46P04050111 $60,327.00
MN041 Public Housing Commission of the City of Marshall MN46P04150111 $177,249.00
MN042 HRA of Little Falls, Minnesota MN46P04250111 $94,184.00
MN043 HRA of Park Rapids, Minnesota MN46P04350111 $58,383.00
MN044 HRA of Forest Lake, Minnesota MN46P04450111 $36,390.00
MN046 HRA of St. Peter, Minnesota MN46P04650111 $59,720.00
MN047 HRA of Bagley, Minnesota MN46P04750111 $34,917.00
MN048 HRA of Luverne, Minnesota MN46P04850111 $71,557.00
MN049 HRA of Pipestone, Minnesota MN46P04950111 $109,479.00
MN051 HRA In And for the City of Willmar, Minnesota MN46P05150111 $219,711.00
MN052 HRA of Braham, Minnesota MN46P05250111 $29,113.00
MN053 HRA of Ely, Minnesota MN46P05350111 $117,429.00
MN054 HRA of Fairmont, Minnesota MN46R05450111 $3,666.00
MN054 HRA of Fairmont, Minnesota MN46P05450111 $112,381.00
MN055 HRA of Carlton, Minnesota MN46P05550111 $17,112.00
MN056 HRA of Glenwood, Minnesota MN46P05650111 $25,259.00
MN057 HRA of Grand Rapids, Minnesota MN46P05750111 $92,260.00
MN058 HRA of Mountain Lake, Minnesota MN46P05850111 $41,525.00
MN059 HRA of Pine City, Minnesota MN46P05950111 $28,627.00
MN060 HRA of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota MN46P06050111 $40,617.00
MN061 HRA of Warroad, Minnesota MN46P06150111 $19,419.00
MN062 HRA of City of Delano, Minnesota MN46P06250111 $27,293.00
MN063 Mankato EDA MN46P06350111 $218,528.00
MN063 Mankato EDA MN46R06350111 $1,214.00
MN064 HRA of Princeton, Minnesota MN46P06450111 $36,703.00
MN065 HRA of City of Melrose, Minnesota MN46P06550111 $27,293.00
MN067 Cambridge Economic Development Authority MN46P06750111 $40,940.00
MN068 HRA of Barnesville, Minnesota MN46P06850111 $27,822.00
MN069 HRA of Clarkfield, Minnesota MN46P06950111 $33,595.00
MN070 HRA of Litchfield, Minnesota MN46P07050111 $56,838.00
MN071 HRA of Red Lake Falls, Minnesota MN46P07150111 $24,642.00
MN072 Breckenridge HRA of Breckenridge, Minnesota MN46P07250111 $94,593.00
MN073 HRA of Cloquet, Minnesota MN46P07350111 $79,376.00
MN074 HRA of the City of Mound, Minnesota MN46P07450111 $42,394.00
MN075 HRA of Staples MN46P07550111 $55,817.00
MN076 HRA of Warren, Minnesota MN46P07650111 $83,210.00
MN077 HRA In And for the City of Albert Lea, Minnesota MN46P07750111 $194,524.00
MN078 HRA of Hopkins, Minnesota MN46P07850111 $73,388.00
MN080 HRA of Windom, Minnesota MN46P08050111 $91,905.00
MN082 HRA of Crosby, Minnesota MN46P08250111 $63,282.00
MN083 HRA of Henning, Minnesota MN46P08350111 $18,538.00
MN085 Housing & Redevelopment Authority of Austin MN46P08550111 $488,754.00
MN086 HRA of Village of Greenbush, Minnesota MN46P08650111 $19,780.00
MN087 HRA of Waseca, Minnesota MN46P08750111 $53,517.00
MN088 HRA of Long Prairie, Minnesota MN46P08850111 $36,711.00
MN089 HRA of Jackson, Minnesota MN46P08950111 $87,890.00
MN090 HRA of Red Wing, Minnesota MN46P09050111 $134,247.00
MN091 HRA of Moose Lake, Minnesota MN46P09150111 $35,450.00
MN092 HRA of Pine River, Minnesota MN46P09250111 $44,716.00
MN095 HRA of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota MN46P09550111 $22,154.00
MN096 HRA of Cook, Minnesota MN46P09650111 $55,555.00
MN097 HRA of New Richland, Minnesota MN46P09750111 $25,997.00
MN098 HRA of Cottonwood, Minnesota MN46P09850111 $47,747.00
MN100 HRA of Cass Lake, Minnesota MN46P10050111 $60,667.00
MN101 HRA of Mora, Minnesota MN46P10150111 $39,543.00
MN102 HRA of Lindstrom, Minnesota MN46P10250111 $27,614.00
MN103 HRA of Hutchinson, Minnesota MN46P10350111 $99,962.00
MN105 HRA of Columbia Heights MN46P10550111 $92,207.00
MN107 HRA of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota MN46P10750111 $122,460.00
MN108 HRA of Lake Benton, Minnesota MN46P10850111 $27,897.00
MN113 HRA of Baudette, Minnesota MN46P11350111 $30,666.00
MN117 HRA of Gilbert, Minnesota MN46P11750111 $44,899.00
MN128 New Ulm EDA MN46P12850111 $59,877.00
MN144 Housing Authority of St Louis Park, Minnesota MN46P14450111 $177,903.00
MN147 Dakota County CDA MN46R14750111 $3,616.00
MN147 Dakota County CDA MN46P14750111 $555,421.00
MN151 Olmsted County HRA MN46P15150111 $142,992.00
MN152 HRA In And for the City of Bloomington MN46P15250111 $40,305.00
MN154 Itasca County HRA MN46P15450111 $46,555.00
MN157 Housing & Redevelopment Authority of Faribault MN46P15750111 $70,001.00
MN158 NW MN Multi-County HRA MN46P15850111 $113,078.00
MN161 Renville County HRA MN46P16150111 $28,132.00
MN163 Metropolitan Council MN46R16350111 $143,185.00
MN164 Clay County HRA MN46P16450111 $35,320.00
MN167 Blue Earth County EDA MN46R16750211 $13,590.00
MN167 Blue Earth County EDA MN46P16750111 $99,658.00
MN169 Grant County HRA MN46P16950111 $100,375.00
MN172 Stearns County HRA MN46P17250111 $28,692.00
MN176 Big Stone County HRA MN46P17650111 $68,001.00
MN177 Otter Tail County HRA MN46P17750111 $19,539.00
MN178 Meeker County HRA MN46P17850111 $30,415.00
MN180 Todd County HRA MN46P18050111 $16,696.00
MN183 Housing & Redevelopment Authority of Lincoln MN46P18350111 $27,325.00
MN184 Scott County HRA MN46R18450111 $34,679.00
MN184 Scott County HRA MN46P18450111 $112,406.00
MN188 Cass County HRA MN46P18850111 $13,363.00
MN190 Becker County HRA MN46P19050111 $37,051.00
MN191 Mower County HRA MN46P19150111 $30,672.00
MN192 Douglas County HRA MN46P19250111 $35,724.00
MN197 Southeast MN Multi-County HRA MN46P19750111 $127,432.00
MN206 Housing & Redevelopment Authority of Dodge Center MN46P20650111 $38,354.00
MN208 Housing & Redevelopment Authority of Janesville MN46P20850111 $39,494.00
MN211 Carver County HRA MN46P21150111 $81,361.00
MN212 Washington County HRA MN46P21250111 $61,528.00

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