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WtW National Conference Materials - Welfare to Work Vouchers

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 -   National Conference, February 23-24, 2000
 -   I. National Conference Binder
 -   II. Speaker Handouts and Materials
 -   III. Other Resources

National Conference, February 23-24, 2000

The National Conference was held on Wednesday and Thursday, February 23-24, 2000 at the Omni Shorham in Washington, D.C. This page provides a selection of tools and resources distributed at that conference.

The WtW National Conference materials are divided into three groups: conference binder materials, speaker handouts, and other resources. Materials are listed in the order that they appear in the binder.

I. National Conference Binder

 -   Final Agenda (Adobe PDF, 3 pages)

Session 1: The Basics

 -   Welfare to Work at HUD
 -   HUD's Workforce Development Initiatives (Adobe PDF, 7 pages)
 -   *Fact Sheet: Making Welfare Reform Work: Tips for Public Housing Agencies (Adobe PDF, 5 pages)
 -   *Fact Sheet: The Welfare to Work Section 8 Tenant Based Assistance Program
 -   *Fact Sheet: The Family Self-Sufficiency Program
 -   *Fact Sheet: Tips for PHAs Fact Sheet on ROSS Program (not in conference binder, but handed out by Pat Arnaudo)

*To receive copies of any fact sheet, please contact the PIH Clearinghouse directly at (800) 955-2232 or pihirc@deval.us. If sending an e-mail request, please include the title(s) of the fact sheets you would like to receive, your name, your mailing address, and your telephone number.

Session 2: Families: Outreach, Selection, Continued Participation

 -   Families: Outreach, Selection, and Continued Participation text (Adobe PDF, 7 pages)

Session 3: Landlord Outreach and Housing Search Assistance Session

 -   Welfare to Work Vouchers: Landlord Outreach and Housing Search (Adobe PDF, 20 slides)
 -   Handouts from Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (Adobe PDF, 4 pages)
 -   Faith-Based Organization Handout (Adobe PDF, 5 pages)
 -   Excerpts from HUD's "Learning from Each Other." (Adobe PDF, 5 pages)

Session 4: Supportive Services and Case Management

 -   Leveraging Resources for Supportive Services and Case Management (Adobe PDF, 18 pages)
 -   Making the Shoe Fit Article (Adobe PDF, 86 pages)

Session 5: Program Implementation

 -   Implementation Workplan (Adobe PDF, 12 pages)
 -   Focus on Implementation (Adobe PDF, 6 slides)

Session 6: Monitoring

 -   Monitoring Progress (Adobe PDF, 21 slides)
 -   Monitoring Progress data sources (Adobe PDF, 10 pages)
 -   Sample monitoring charts (Adobe PDF, 1 page)
 -   MTCS (Adobe PDF, 20 pages)
 -   Family Report Form (Adobe PDF, 34 pages)

Supplemental Resources

 -   NOFA
 -   Excerpt from the Appropriations Act
 -   Excerpts from the Merger Rule
 -   Hotline and Web site information (Adobe PDF, 1 page)
 -   Useful WtW Web links
 -   Sample Waiver request for section 8 WtW voucher program (Adobe PDF, 1 page)
 -   Appendix B: List of regional WtW coordinators at the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)
 -   Center on Budget and policy priorities, listserve on affordable housing and welfare reform (Adobe PDF, 3 pages)
 -   Information on the Earned Income Tax credit (Adobe PDF, 3 pages)

II. Speaker Handouts and Materials

 -   "Focus on Jobs" slide presentation (Adobe PDF, 24 slides)
 -   Handouts from Xerox Corporation: Employee Performance Assessment Form, WtW Self-Evaluation Form, and Xerox Hiring Requirements (Adobe PDF, 6 pages)
 -   "Focus on Jobs for WtW recipients" -- Xerox Corporation Slide presentation (Adobe PDF, 9 slides)
 -   Instructions on How to Make Adjustments to Financial Documents Related to WtW Program (Adobe PDF, 1 page)
 -   Pathways to Independence Facts and other information sheets from the Marriott jobs program (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)
 -   Welfare, Employment, and Self-Sufficiency: What Have We Learned? David Long presentation. (Adobe PDF, 3 pages)

III. Other Resources

 -   HUD Form 52681: Year-End Settlement Statement
 -   HUD Form 52672: Supporting Data for Annual Contributions Estimates
 -   HUD Form 52673: Estimate of Total Required Annual Contributions
 -   Outline of How Federal Housing Programs Can Help Provide Employment and Training Opportunities and Support Services to Current and Former Welfare Recipients
 -   Helping Families Achieve Self-Sufficiency: A Guide on Funding Services for Children and Families through the TANF Program. Contact DHHS for more information.
 -   From Welfare to Work: Using HUD's Programs to Help Families in Transition
 -   Learning from Each Other, HUD best practices publication. Only hard copies of this publication are available. Contact HUD for more information.
 -   Getting from Here to There: The Bridges to Work Demonstration: First Report to the Field by Beth Z. Palubinsky and Bernardine H. Watson. (Spring 1997, 7 pages). Available for $2.00 by sending a check or money order to Public/Private Ventures, Communications Department, 2005 Market Street, Suite 900, Philadelphia, PA 19103. View their order form and other available publications at http://www.ppv.org/indexfiles/pubsindex.html.
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