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Monitoring and Evaluation Resources - Welfare to Work Vouchers

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 -   Form HUD-50058 FSS/WtW Voucher Addendum Summary
 -   Reporting Categories
 -   General Information Requirements
 -   Family Services Table
 -   Enrollment Forms Only
 -   Exit Forms Only

Form HUD-50058
fss/welfare to work voucher addendum summary

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Addendum has been revised and expanded to include the WtW Voucher Program. The FSS/Welfare to Work Voucher Addendum is located on pages 15 and 16 of the form. Although MTCS is currently not operational, PHAs should be collecting the approproate data so they can meet reporting requirements once the system is ready. This page contains a summary of the FSS/Welfare to Work addendum.

Note: There have been updates to Form HUD-50058. You can access the update, instructions, and summary of important changes from the HUD forms page.

Reporting Categories

The Addendum requires PHAs to first select a reporting category. There are three categories from which a PHA can select:

  • WtW Voucher Program Enrollment Report
  • WtW Voucher Program Progress Report
  • WtW Voucher Program Exit Report

The Enrollment Report is for PHAs completing a 50058 for a new program participant, while the Progress Report is for PHAs completing an annual or interim recertification. PHAs must complete an Exit Report for those participants leaving the program.

General Information Requirements

All PHAs will need to complete some basic information regardless of the reporting category specified. This will require PHAs to track and maintain certain economic and demographic data on program participants. Below is a checklist of information that PHAs should collect from WtW families in order to complete the addendum:

  • Employment status of head of household
  • Date that current employment began
  • Current employment benefits received (e.g., health, retirement)
  • Years of school completed by head of household
  • Assistance received by the family (e.g., TANF, general assistance, food stamps, Medicaid/CHIP, EITC)
  • Number of children receiving child care services
  • Date of initial lease/HAP contract under WtW Voucher Program
  • Agency responsible for assisting family with housing search (e.g., PHA, TANF Agency)

Family Services Table

The addendum includes a table intended to track the social service needs of program participants. This table, the Family Services Table, will collect information on a family's need for specific services, whether the needs have been met, and if so, what agency provided the services. Services that PHAs should track on each program participant include:

  • Education/Training (GED, High School, Post Secondary, Vocational/Job Training)
  • Job Search/Job placement
  • Job Retention
  • Transportation
  • Health Services
  • Drug Treatment/Rehabilitation
  • Mentoring
  • Homeownership Counseling
  • Individual Development Account
  • Child Care.

Enrollment Forms Only

The enrollment report portion of the addendum requires PHAs to identify the date a voucher was issued to a family and the number of days the family needed to find a unit. In addition, if a family is assisted in finding a different unit, the enrollment report asks that PHAs identify the reason. Possible reasons include the following:

  • closer proximity to day care, employment, transportation, or other services
  • pre-program unit would not meet HQS
  • pre-program unit rent exceeded payment standard/tenant rent too high
  • owner of pre-program unit unwilling to participate

Exit Reports Only

If PHAs are completing exit reports, they will need to provide information on the reason that the participant is leaving the program. Possible reasons include the following:

  • portability move-out
  • family no longer needs subsidy
  • subsidy terminated for Section 8 program violation (other than WtW obligations)
  • subsidy terminated for violation of WtW obligations
  • family voluntarily withdrew from Section 8 program
  • family moved to homeownership
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