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Housing Search Assistance - Welfare to Work Vouchers

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 -   Why help WtW families search for housing?
 -   Resources
 -   Learning From Each Other Case Studies

 -- tax credit property information  --

Tax Credit properties are required to house some low-income families and may therefore provide good housing opportunities for voucher holders searching for units. You can view a list of Tax Credit properties throughout the country by visiting HUDUser.

Why Help WtW Families Search for Housing?

Assisting families in locating and leasing units is a crucial first step to administering a successful WtW voucher program. Families will need housing search assistance to secure stable, affordable housing as quickly as possible. This assistance can also help families think through important issues regarding housing location, such as proximity to employment centers, public transportation, child care centers, and schools.

In addition to the direct benefits for the participating families, housing search assistance is also cost-effective for PHAs. PHAs cannot earn the administrative fee needed to operate the program until a unit is leased and under HAP contract. By informing families about WtW program rules and PHA expectations, and by assisting them during the housing search and leasing processes, the PHA increases its ability to meet the program's leasing schedule.

Through special programs such as HUD's Moving to Opportunity for Fair Housing Demonstration (MTO) and Regional Opportunity Counseling (ROC), PHAs have made great strides in understanding and addressing the needs of families in search of housing.


 -   Factors to Consider When Providing Housing Search Assistance
 -   Determining the Type and Level of Counseling and Search Assistance Needed
 -   Preparing for the Search
 -   Assisting the Family with Finding a Unit
 -   Completing the Deal: Improving Administrative Practices to Expedite Lease-Up
 -   Discrimination in Housing Search
 -   HUD's Renter's Kit

Learning from Each Other Case Studies

 -   Improving Housing Counseling Services with a Housing Referral Network in New Hampshire
 -   The Ready to Rent© Program and Rent Guarantee Fund in Portland, OR
 -   Security Deposit Assistance in Marin County, CA
 -   Providing an Effective Resource Room in Chicago, IL
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