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Program Basics - Welfare to Work Vouchers

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Welfare to Work Voucher Program Final Report 2001

Prepared by Quadel Consulting Corporation for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, April 2001

In December 1999, Quadel Consulting was awarded a contract to provide a broad-range of technical assistance to WtW sites during the first year of program implementation. Technical assistance activities included organizing a national conference; providing individual assistance to PHAs with WtW Voucher programs, including onsite technical assistance as-needed; developing and maintaining a Web site dedicated to the interests of WtW PHAs; conducting a series of teleconferences on issues related to building the capacity of WtW programs; and coordinating workshops.

In March 2001, after the WtW voucher program had been in place for 15 months, Quadel Consulting conducted a comprehensive assessment of the WtW program by gathering information from each program site. The results of this assessment are detailed in the Welfare to Work Voucher Program Final Report. This report focuses on lessons learned and best practices for all aspects of program implementation, as well as recommendations for ensuring continued success of the WtW Voucher Program.

Note: This report is the final deliverable under Quadel Consulting Corporation's previous contract to provide technical assistance to HUD's WtW voucher program. Quadel Consulting Corporation wrote this final report and its contents do not necessarily reflect the opinions and policies of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This final report is dated March 31, 2001; therefore, some of its contents may be out-of-date.

The following sections of the Welfare to Work Voucher Program Final Report are posted on the WtW Web site:

  • Executive Summary lays the framework for understanding HUD's Welfare to Work Housing Voucher Program. (Adobe PDF, 2 pages)

  • Trends in Program Implementation summarizes various implementation techniques and trends in the WtW program. (Adobe PDF, 19 pages)

  • Lessons Learned is a compilation of lessons learned based on feedback obtained from individual sites and the Quadel team's experience during the first 15 months in providing technical assistance to WtW PHAs across the country. (Adobe PDF, 10 pages)

  • Considerations for HUD highlights the program design strengths and weaknesses, recommendations for ensuring success of the current program, and recommendations for changes to the program if the program were to be expanded. (Adobe PDF, 5 pages)


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