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Below are links to publications, reports, presentations and helpful tools related to the Housing Choice Voucher Program.



Title Description
Moving to Opportunity for Fair Housing Demonstration : Interim Impacts Evaluation (September 2003, 341 pages)
The report provides insights into what benefits can be achieved by improving the neighborhoods of poor families.
Costs and Utilization in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (August 2003, 107 pages) This study is intended to provide insights into the factors that affect Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program utilization rates and costs in a sample of sites nationwide.
Voucher Homeownership Assessment: Volume 1 - Cross-Site Analysis (July 2003, 132 pages) Volume 2 - Case Studies (July 2003, 162 pages) This study is an assessment of the early implementation of the Voucher Homeownership Program. The purpose of this study is to provide insight into aspects of the program that are working well and those that are problematic.
Housing Choice Voucher Location Patterns: Implications For Participant And Neighborhood Welfare (January 2003, 125 pages)
The purpose of this study is to describe where HCV assistance is being used and whether program participants have access to a broad range of affordable housing.

Study on Section 8 Voucher Success Rates

The Study on Section 8 Voucher Success Rates is a two-volume set.

Volume I is the Quantitative Study of Success Rates in Metropolitan Areas. The purpose of the study is to estimate the national success rate for voucher holders in metropolitan areas and to explore the factors that affect chances for success (e.g., market tightness, voucher holder characteristics, and housing authority policies and procedures).

Volume II is a qualitative study of success rates in rural areas. The purpose of this study is to explore Section 8 success rates and the factors that affect success rates in rural areas through in-depth qualitative research at five rural public housing authorities.

Tools and Strategies for Improving Community Relations in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (September 2001, 81 pages)
This guidebook is the end product of a study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to look into some questions related to community acceptance of HCVP.
Learning from Each Other: New Ideas for Managing the Section 8 Certificate and Voucher Programs Offers housing authorities an easy way to learn from the groundbreaking experience of Section 8 managers across the country.
Issue Brief: Voucher Recipients Enjoy Much Greater Choice About Where to Live Than Residents of Public Housing and Are Less Likely to be Concentrated in Distressed Neighborhoods
(December 2000, 8 pages)
A report that compares the housing choice voucher and public housing program in terms of their ability to provide access to housing in lower poverty neighborhoods.
The Uses of Discretionary Authority in the Tenant-Based Section 8 Program (November 2000, 78 pages)A study that documents both variations from PHA to PHA in tenant selection preferences and rent policies and provides a record of what factors PHAs considered as they set policies to guide their Section 8 programs.
Case Study of Section 8 Rental Vouchers and Rental Certificates in Alameda County, California (October 2000, 138 pages.)This report presents the results of a study of the movement of Section 8 families from the inner cities of Oakland and Berkeley in San Francisco's East Bay to suburban Alameda County. The research team interviewed Section 8 families about their housing search, their reasons for moving to the suburban areas of the county, the outcome of their moves, and conditions in their new housing and neighborhoods compared with conditions in their previous housing and neighborhoods. Interviews with program administrators in Alameda County provided information on how administrative procedures affected the ability of families to make various types of moves.
Case Studies of the Conversion of Project-Based Assistance to Tenant-Based Assistance
(August 2000, 233 pages)
A report that presents 12 case studies documenting conversions from project-based to tenant-based assistance in privately-owned developments funded under several programs sponsored by HUD.
Section 8 Tenant-Based Housing Assistance: A Look Back After 30 Years
(March 2000, 8 pages)
A short history of the program which explores the reasons for the program's growth, describes the design elements that contribute to the program's success, and discusses some concerns that have been raised about the program and how the Department is addressing them.
Case Studies of Vouchered-Out Assisted Properties
(May 1998, 410 pages)
Information on the process of converting from project-based subsidies to tenant-based assistance.
Section Administrative Fees - A Report to Congress - (MS-Word)
(June 1994, 21 pages)
A report that evaluates the fees PHAs receive for administering certificate and voucher programs.


Title Description
Project-Based Assistance - Housing Choice Voucher Program
(PowerPoint, 25 slides)
Legislation, rules and notices, planned rulemaking, future projects, contracts, and new information.
Understanding the SEMAP Rating Process
(Adobe PDF, 77 slides)
A workshop presentation on completing and sending SEMAP certifications online, providing HUD with additional information on PHA performance, and how SEMAP ratings are assigned for each indicator.

Tools and Resources

Title Description
Section 8 Property SearchPerform a search on Section 8 properties by state and city.
Section 8 Expiring ContractsInformation on contract renewal requests, policy, and assistance.
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