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Mission for the Tenant-based Section 8 Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee

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Section 8 Assistance to PHAS

The mission of the Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee is to assist HUD in drafting a rule which will govern the allocation and renewal of Section 8 assistance to Public Housing Authorities, and will be consistent with HUD goals for the tenant-based Section 8 program.

In advising HUD, the Committee will attempt to address the following concerns:

  • The need to provide assistance to (the higher of either) the number of units leased or under Annual Contributions Contracts (ACCs) on October 1, 1997 and the additional units incorporated into the ACCs after that date

  • Avoiding the need to reduce the number of assisted families served (attrition)

  • Promoting efficiency in the use of tenant-based Section 8 funds

  • Maintaining the program’s credibility with Congress, the Administration, and the public

  • Ensuring that the rule is perceived as fair

  • Creating as much certainty and accountability in funding process as possible

  • Promoting the use of the most accurate and up-to-date data available to develop and implement the rule, and incorporating local factors to the greatest extent possible

  • Ensuring workability with HUD information systems

  • Providing guidelines and procedures for HUD and PHAs that are as clear and simple as possible, and are consistent with other HUD guidelines

  • Promoting effective administration by clearly designating administrative roles and responsibilities within HUD, and by thoroughly informing and educating HUD and PHA staff about their respective roles and responsibilities.

Achieving Consensus

All members of the Committee will make a good faith effort to achieve consensus by exploring each others' interests and needs, being creative and flexible in inventing options, and maintaining a spirit of mutual respect and a problem-solving approach throughout their deliberations.

HUD is committed to giving a consensus-based proposal on the rule by the Committee priority consideration in the preparation and issuance of a final rule. If the Committee is not able to reach consensus on all elements of a proposal, representatives of HUD will give priority consideration to those sections of the proposal on which the Committee has achieved consensus, and will be informed and guided by the stakeholder comments and concerns reflected in the entire document.

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