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Services from the PIH Clearinghouse Center

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Services from the PIH Clearinghouse Center

1. Providing program options and HUD sponsored technical assistance to PHA's or TDHE's that may have an interest in modernizing or constructing elderly public housing.

2. Linking each entity to the appropriate State Medicaid Agency for the purpose of seeking accurate State Medicaid waiver information and the proper Medicaid reimbursement protocol for its elderly residents; To find the Medicaid Agency in your state, please click on the website below.


3. Linking PHA's or TDHE's to state and area agencies on aging.

The U.S. Administration of Aging (AOA) offers an Eldercare Locator, a nationwide service that has helped older adults and their caregivers find local services for seniors. The AOA has made this source available on-line at www.eldercare.gov so that a PHA or TDHE can easily link to the information and referral services of their state and area agencies on aging.

4. Sharing successful elderly public housing models through Innovative Models with the prospect that they will be replicated;

5. Offering step-by-step industry development techniques to create elderly housing;

6. Presenting concrete data and published reports on the benefits, risks and impact of service enriched public housing for the elderly;

7. Encouraging further innovation in the elderly housing industry;

8. Providing guidance on federal laws, regulations, notices, policies, and program and legislative initiatives involving senior housing;

9. Linking Native Americans and their communities to the National Resource Center on Native American Aging.

The National Resource Center on Native American Aging was established in 1994 at the University of North Dakota (UND) in Grand Forks.The resource center is a collaboration between the UND Office of American Indian Student Services (formerly the Office of Native American Programs) and the UND Center for Rural Health. With one of the nation's largest enrollments of Native Americans students, the University of North Dakota has a long-standing tradition of service to Native Americans. Governed by a culturally sensitive staff and national steering committee, the resource center continues this tradition of leadership and service to Native Americans and their communities.

10. Providing background information on Housing Trust Funds in the United States; This information can be found through the National Housing Trust Fund website at www.nhtf.org/about/background.asp

Also, available is the information about State, City, County, Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Trust Funds (Adobe PDF, 7 pages).

11. Providing a definition of an assisted living facility or residence that combines housing, support services, personalized assistance and healthcare designed to meet the elderly resident's need on a annual basis.
Further information can be found at http://www.carescout.com/resources/assisted_living/definition.htm

Carescout has also conducted intensive, state-by-state research to provide detailed up-to-date information on state licensing, regulations and facility types. This can be found at www.carescout.com/resources/assisted_living/state_policies/index.html

12. Providing the 2003 National Center for Assisted Living State Regulatory Review. The state-by-state regulatory review can be found at www.ncal.org/about/statsum.htm

Oversight of assisted living occurs at the state level. The varying laws and regulations affecting these settings have created a diverse and fluid operating environment for providers, and a mix of terminology, settings and available services for consumers. Readers are encouraged to contact the identified state or Area agency for additional information.


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