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Northwest ONAP Staff Directory

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Staff Directory

Seattle Federal Office Building
909 First Avenue
Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98104-1000
Main Line: (206) 220-5270
Fax: (206) 220-5234

NW Office of Native American Programs
Ken Bowring Administrator 206 220-5391
Iris FridayNative American Program Specialist/184 Coordinator 206 220-5420
Amy Oakley Administrator Advisor 206 220-6213
Lisa Stewart Special Projects and Technical Assistance Specialist206 220-6166

ONAP Grants Management Division
Tom Carney Grants Management Division Director 206 220-6204
[VACANT]Grants Management Team Leader -

David Boyd

Grants Management Specialist206 220-6161
Cynthia Moore Grants Management Specialist206 220-6165

Connie Roque

Grants Management Specialist 206 220-5402
Niki Paganucci Program Assistant 206 220-6372

ONAP Grants Evaluation Division
Julie Kander Grants Evaluation Director 206-220-5397

Lisa Davidson

Grants Evaluation Team Leader


Kate Boyd

Grants Evaluation Specialist


Kevin MeiroseGrants Evaluation Specialist206 220-5284
Debra Sutton Grants Evaluation Specialist206 220-6200
Bryce Harper Program Assistant 206 220-6219


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