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Small Business Resource Guide -
Chapter 6-
Information About HUD Contracting

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 -   Roles and Responsibilities of HUD
Contracting Staff
 -   How does HUD find Contractors?
 -   Accelerated Contracting
 -   HUD Small Business Specialists
 -   HUD Headquarters Small Business Marketing Contacts

Roles and Responsibilities of HUD Contracting Staff

Chief Procurement Officer

HUD's Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) has responsibility for all of the Department’s contracting. The OCPO serves as HUD's "Senior Procurement Executive." Headquarters and field contracting operations divisions do the actual award and administration of HUD’s contracts.

Office of the Chief Procurement Officer

OCPO, located in HUD Headquarters (Washington, DC) primarily awards and administers contracts and purchases to support HUD Headquarters.

Field Contracting Operations ("FCOs")

The FCOs are located in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Denver. Each FCO has branches and staff located in other cities within their geographic area. The FCOs primarily award and administer contracts in support of HUD's field-based programs. The FCOs may also award contracts for Headquarters and each other as directed by OCPO.

While all four of HUD's contacting operations are responsible to the OCPO and follow the same regulations and policies, each operates fairly independently of the other three.

 -   See the who does what in the CPO and contact individuals

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How does HUD find Contractors?

HUD does not solicit names for or maintain "bidders mailing lists." Instead, the Department posts new contract solicitations in excess of $25,000 on its Internet home page. Businesses can browse the current solicitations and download any of the complete solicitations they choose. This is a faster, less costly way to tell about opportunities. It also lets businesses decide which contracts they wish to compete for and reduces the risk of missing out on any competition. Please note that HUD also lists contractors with potential subcontracting opportunities on HUD's web site at http://www.hud.gov/offices/cpo/index.cfm.

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Accelerated Contracting

HUD's Chief Procurement Officer has instituted a contracting process referred to as "Accelerated Contracting". Although this process has been developed for use with the General Services Administration (GSA) Supply Schedules it may also be used to compete task orders under HUD Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IQC). This approach allows for the acquisition of goods and services in an accelerated manner which emphasizes partnering with industry to achieve HUD objectives. The purpose of Accelerated Contracting is better contract requirements management through industry involvement and by benchmarking commercial practices by employing fundamentally sound business practices. Its common goal is to achieve excellence - in the way HUD does business, in its internal and external working relationships, in the level of understanding of HUD mission needs and objectives, and in delivering high-quality services and products to HUD. Accelerated Contracting procedures will be used for all acquisitions unless the OCPO Division Chief determines its use to be inappropriate and not in HUD's best interest for a particular procurement.

HUD will search the applicable GSA Schedule for a minimum of five GSA Schedule contract holders. The Department will make every possible attempts to solicit at least one small disadvantaged business or 8(a) business and one woman-owned small business if such businesses are on the applicable Federal Supply Schedule (or HUD IQC).

Like most of the business community, HUD is moving quickly to do more business electronically via the Internet. Headquarters and most of HUD's State and Area Offices now have homepages where general information about HUD and its programs can be found. The main homepage is located at: www.hud.gov. Within its main homepage, HUD also has a Contracting homepage located at: http://www.hud.gov/offices/cpo/index.cfm. The Contracting Homepage includes all of HUD's current solicitations above $25,000, a list of prime contractors that may present significant subcontracting opportunities and HUD's current forecast of contracting opportunities. The small business assistance site at http://www.hud.gov/offices/osdbu/index.cfm includes a schedule of upcoming small business conferences, the names and addresses of HUD's small business specialists and contracting staff. There are also valuable business links to other sources of information about Federal contracting.

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HUD Small Business Specialists

Each major HUD contracting office has a Small Business Specialist who can help identify HUD contracting opportunities and answer any questions. For additional information about HUD small business programs, please contact the appropriate Small Business Specialist.

 -   See who does what in the CPO and contact individuals

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HUD Headquarters Small Business Marketing Contacts

HUD has identified certain program staff as Marketing Contacts within the Department. These individuals are a good source of information concerning their program areas, program offices’ direct contracting opportunities and contracting opportunities generated by their funding recipients (e.g., Public Housing Agencies, Community Development Block Grant recipients, etc.). You may send your capability statements to them for consideration for Section 8(a), HUBZone contract awards and micro purchases. See a listing of HUD's current Small Business Marketing Contacts.

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