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More Information on HUD's Programs, and Contracting and Subcontracting Opportunities

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HUD's Internet Homepage

Like most of the business community, HUD is moving quickly to do more business electronically via the Internet. HUD's Headquarters and field offices now have homepages where you can find general information about HUD and its programs. The main homepage is located at:

Within its main homepage, HUD also has a Contracting homepage located at:

The Contracting homepage includes:

  • Current open solicitations for bids and proposals for new HUD contracts (and any amendments). The solicitations can be downloaded directly from the homepage saving you considerable time.
  • A list of prime contracts that may present significant subcontracting opportunities.
  • Contact names and phone numbers within the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) for information on HUD contracting and contracting opportunities (See Appendix III).
  • A small business assistance site that includes a schedule of upcoming small business conferences and fairs and the names and addresses of HUD's Business Utilization Development Specialists (BUDS).
  • Links to many useful sources of information about Federal contracting.

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HUD Staff

  • Program Offices (e.g., Office of Housing, Public Housing, Administration, etc.) are good sources of information concerning HUD's programs and their funding recipients (e.g., Public Housing Agencies). Office addresses and phone numbers are available through HUD's Internet Homepage (see above).
  • OSDBU helps small businesses understand HUD's operations and needs and will direct you to appropriate sources of information. The office is available to give direct advice, as needed. OSDBU also participates in government/industry conferences to assist small and small disadvantaged businesses and sponsors seminars and presentations at appropriate trade shows and business conferences. See Appendix II for OSDBU's staff, address and phone number or visit OSDBU's internet page at:

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OSDBU Outreach

OSDBU offers various opportunities for small and large businesses to meet with staff one-on-one or in a group setting to discuss business opportunities and other subjects related to HUD's small business contracting and subcontracting activities. Businesses are encouraged to meet with OSDBU at the following:

  • Director's Large Business Open House
    On Wednesdays, the OSDBU Director and a Business Utilization Development Specialist (BUDS) meet with large business prime contractors to discuss HUD's current subcontracting policies and other topics of interest (e.g., contractor goal statement, preparing and submitting subcontracting reports (Standard Forms 294 and 295) submissions, and how OSDBU can assist prime contractors in finding small business subcontractors). Call (202) 708-1428 to schedule a 20-minute appointment.
  • Director's Small Business Open House
    On Thursdays, the OSDBU Director meets with small businesses to learn about their products and services and introduces them to a "BUDS" (see BUDS Appointments below), who will help them identify opportunities at HUD. Call (202) 708-1428 to schedule a 20-minute appointment.
  • Business Utilization Development Specialist (BUDS) Appointments
    BUDS meet with small businesses to discuss HUD's contracting and subcontracting opportunities (including the types of products and services that HUD purchases). Also, BUDS can provide mentoring for business strategies and identify contracting opportunities through the Forecast of Contracting Opportunities and subcontracting opportunities through HUD's prime contractors. Call (202) 708-1428 to schedule an appointment.
  • Information Technology (IT) Orientation Sessions
    The IT BUDS holds monthly, two-hour orientation sessions for small businesses interested in IT contracting opportunities with HUD. The orientation, aimed at businesses that are new to HUD, focuses on the opportunities available and provides instruction on how to compete effectively for contracts. Call (202) 708-1428 to reserve a space in the next orientation session.
  • Conference Calls
    If you are unable to meet with the OSDBU in Washington, D.C. call us to setup a conference call. It is just like a Business Utilization Development Specialist Appointment but it is conducted over the telephone. Call (202) 708-1428 to schedule a conference call.
  • Outreach Events
    HUD participates in many expos, conferences and trade fairs, which may be of interest to the small business community. The OSDBU or the local HUD office attends these events to discuss how to do business with HUD and potential contracting opportunities. Go to the OSDBU homepage to find out when we are coming to a city near you.

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Other Sources of Information

  • Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps)
    FedBizOpps is the single on-line point-of-entry for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000. Government buyers (e.g., HUD) are able to publicize their business opportunities by posting information directly to FedBizOpps via the Internet. Businesses can search, monitor, and retrieve all Federal contracting opportunities via a single Internet site. With few exceptions, HUD publishes notices of upcoming solicitations for new contracts and purchases over $25,000 in FedBizOpps. (NOTE: HUD also posts the same opportunities to its own Contracting Opportunities web page.) HUD also publishes notices of contract awards that have subcontracting opportunities. FedBizOpps website address is:

  • The U.S. Small Business Administration ("SBA").
    The SBA offers a wide variety of services and assistance to small and small disadvantaged businesses. Government contracting offices work closely with the SBA in seeking small business suppliers. Local SBA offices can direct firms to agencies that purchase products they offer. Also, the SBA can provide names and addresses of prospective military and civilian agency customers. Information about the SBA's programs and services is readily available from its Internet homepage at:

    The SBA posts small business size standards at:

    HUBZone information is available at:

    The SBA also maintains PRO-Net, an online contractor registration that includes access to FedBizOpps, Federal agency homepages and sources of procurement opportunities. Participating firms can update their own profiles, link their homepages to their profiles and receive and ask questions about procurement opportunities. To register and/or learn more about PRO-Net, access its Internet site at:

  • General Services Administration ("GSA") Small Business Centers.
    The GSA is the largest civilian Federal agency buyer of general supplies and services. It provides operational supplies and services to the civilian Federal agencies through its Federal Supply Service. Independent contractors furnish most of these supplies and services. The GSA Small Business Centers provide advice to small businesses about GSA's contracting opportunities. While these opportunities are not reserved exclusively for small disadvantaged businesses, they represent an important government resource available to them. Interested business concerns should contact their local GSA regional or area office for more information, or visit GSA's website at:

  • Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)
    GSA awards contracts for a wide variety of supplies and services. Other Federal agencies may then order needed supplies and services directly from those contractors. GSA normally awards multiple contracts for each category of supplies or services. The FSS homepage is located at:

  • Defense Logistics Agency ("DLA")
    The DLA provides supplies to the U.S. military services. The DLA has numerous contracting offices that buy more than 4 million different items - everything from food to fuel. You can find out more about DLA's contracting opportunities by locating the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization website at the DLA Internet homepage at:

  • The "Federal Acquisition Jumpstation"
    This Internet site provides links to many of the Federal Government's contracting sites. If HUD doesn't contract for the services or products your company sells, another Federal Government agency probably does. This is where you can find many of their homepages. The Jumpstation's address is:

  • Local governments and HUD funding recipients
    Including cities, counties, Public and Indian Housing agencies and authorities, private property developers and owners receiving HUD mortgage insurance, etc. At present there is no comprehensive listing of these organizations. The best way to learn of potential contracting or subcontracting opportunities is through HUD program staff or HUD's Internet Homepage.
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