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Senior OIG staff are often requested to provide expert testimony to oversight committees of the Congress. These hearings are intended to bring problems to the forefront so that the Congress can take action to correct problem situations. Oversight committees play an important role in examining the impact of issues from all sides, that is, from the program manager to the program recipients. These various perspectives help the Congress in making determinations of the need for new or revised legislation. Optionally, you may subscribe to our mailing list here.
Want More Information?
 -   Statement of Donohue before Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation United States Senate and the Committee on Science and Technology United States House of Representatives

 -   Appropriations, Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

 -   HR Committee on Homeland Security - Subcommittee on Management, Integration and Oversight

 -   Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs - Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security

 -   HR Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations- Committee on Financial Services (03/10/2005)

 -   Housing and Community Opportunity (10/07/2004)
 -   Waste, Fraud, and Abuse In Mandatory Spending Programs (07/09/2003)

 -   Saving Taxpayer Money Through Sound Financial Management (06/25/2003)

 -   HUD 203(k) Rehabilitation Loan Fraud (09/10/2001)

 -   Results of Audit on the Housing Authority of New Orleans (06/04/2001)

 -   Perspective on Challenges Confronting HUD (04/25/2001)

 -   Perspective on the Health of FHA’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund (03/20/2001)

 -   Management and Performance Issues Facing HUD (09/26/2000)

 -   The IG's Testimony on Mortgage Fraud "Flipping" (06/30/2000)

 -   Status of Financial Management at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (03/22/00)

 -   Audit on Community Builders (02/24/00)

 -   The IG's Testimony to The House Budget Committee (2/17/2000)

 -   Audit on Community Builders (11/3/99)



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