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Healthy Homes Program Resources

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 Information by State

Sharing the successes, best practices, and tools developed by (HHI) organizations is critical to the Initiative's success. The resources below aim to help existing grantees, potential grantees, and other community organizations make homes "healthier" and "safer" for all residents, especially children.

These resources describe actions, tools, and materials that HUD Healthy Homes grantees and communities have found useful. (Note: not all of these items are official HUD documents.) This site contains resources on the following topics:

 -   Program Development and Startup
 -   Assessment
 -   Interventions
 -   Community Education and Outreach
 -   Technical Resource Materials
 -   Program Evaluation

Program Development and Startup

 -   Boston Intake/Screening form


 -   New York City DOH Guidelines
 -   Healthy Homes Checklist
 -   Pollution Source Survey
 -   Visual Assessment and Testing tool documentation and database


 -   Cleaning Guidelines
 -   Effective Environmental Control Methods
 -   EPA Mold and Moisture Resources ("A Brief Guide to Mold and Moisture in your Home" and "Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings")
 -   Master Mold Specs
 -   Mold Cleanup Guidelines
 -   Physical Interventions
 -   Protecting Small Children from Toxics in House Dust
 -   Cuyahoga County Urban Mold and Moisture Program, Standards and Guidelines
 -   Dust Mite Allergen Reductions

Community Education and Outreach

 -   RAMP Newsletter
 -   Home*a*Syst booklet
 -   Help Yourself to a Healthy Home Booklet

Technical Resource Materials

 -   Vaccum Dust Sampling Protocol for Allergens (for use by Healthy Homes Demonstration and Technical Studies grantees).
 -   Background and Justification for a Vacuum Sampling Protocol for Allergens in Household Dust
 -   Quality Assurance Plan Template for Technical Studies Grantees for HUD Healthy Homes and Lead Technical Studies Grantees and Contractors, template, version 2.1; (MS Word)
 -   Quality Assurance Plan Template for Demonstration Grantees Quality Assurance Plan Template for HUD Healthy Homes Initiative Demonstration Grantees, version 1.2 (MS Word; November 2006)
 -   Healthy Homes Issues Asthma: version 3, March 2006
 -   Healthy Homes Issues Mold: version 3, March 2006
 -   Healthy Homes Issues Injury: version 3, March 2006
 -   Healthy Homes Issues Pesticides: version 3, March 2006
 -   Healthy Homes Issues Carbon Monoxide: version 3, December 2005

Program Evaluation

 -   Tobari Logic Model

Reference Materials to Support HUD's Program Assessment and Rating Tool (PART) Responses for the Healthy Homes Program

The PART is a diadnostic tool that is administered by the Office of Management and Budget to assess the performance of all Federal programs. The following materials (listed alphabetically) are referenced in HUD's responses to some of the PART questions. The Healthy Homes Program PART will be available to the public starting in February, 2007 at ExpectMore.gov.

Reference materials:

 -   Example of a Healthy Homes Program contract (fixed price with reimbursement contingent upon completion of interim deliverables).
 -   Example of a Healthy Homes Program grant agreement (indicating incorporation of Office of Management and Budget circulars and regulations requiring competitive sourcing).
 -   Example of a Progress Report from a Federal partner: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Interagency Agreement Status Report, First Quarter, 2006.
 -   Quality Assurance Protocol for the Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control's Grant Application Reviews under its FY 2006 Notices of Funding Availability (NOFA).
 -   Statements of Work for two Fiscal Year 2006 Healthy Homes Program contracts:
 -   Develop and Deliver Training on Safe Rehabilitation of Hurricane-Damaged Homes With Mold, Lead-Based Paint and Other Housing-Related Hazard, and
 -   Develop and Deliver Community Outreach on Safe Rehabilitation of Hurricane-Damaged Homes With Mold and Lead-Based Paint Hazards.
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