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Glossary of HUD Homes
Listing Codes

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HUD Homes for Sale - What Do the Abbreviations on the Sales Lists Stand For?

If you have visited our lists of HUD homes for sale you may have noticed that there are abbreviations or codes listed with every property. We have provided this glossary of codes to help you understand the HUD home listings.

Financing Options: Purchasers must arrange for a loan to purchase a HUD home or pay cash; depending on the condition of the property, an FHA-insured mortgage may be available.

 -   IE = Insurable with repair escrow. This property requires repairs estimated to cost no more than $5,000; it is eligible for an FHA-insured loan provided the purchaser's lender sets up a repair escrow at closing.
 -   IN = Insurable. This property is eligible for an FHA-insured loan in its current condition.
 -   UI = Uninsured. This property requires repairs estimated to cost more than $5,000; it is not eligible for an FHA-insured loan, unless a Section 203(k) loan can be arranged.

Property Conditions

 -   F = Flood Zone. This property is located in an area where coverage under the National Flood Insurance Program may be required in order to obtain a loan.
 -   HOA = Homeowners' Association. This property is covered by a Homeowners' Association, therefore, HOA fees should be expected.
 -   LBP = Lead Based Paint. This property was built before 1978, therefore, it may contain lead based paint. A Lead Based Paint Addendum, which is available from our lists of HUD homes for sale, must accompany the contract sent in on behalf of the winning bidder.

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