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Will Instructions be provided with my New Manufactured Home?

Yes. Each new manufactured home comes complete with manuals that provide information about the operation, maintenance and repair of your home, including the manufacturer's recommended procedures for installation, anchoring, and connection to on-site utilities.

Will I Receive a Manufacturer's Warranty with my New Home?

Most manufacturers offer a warranty that covers the performance of the structure and factory-installed plumbing, heating, and electrical systems during a specified warranty period. Also, some factory-installed appliances and certain building components are covered by their own warranties. Ask your retailer for details. Before you purchase a home, it is important to understand who offers the warranty, who performs the service, and what is and is not covered. Manufacturers are not responsible for failures that occur as a result of normal wear and tear, consumer abuse, installation, or neglect of maintenance. Note: Some States require warranties under State laws.

Are Manufactured Homes Maintenance-free?

No home is maintenance-free. Building materials used in manufactured homes, just as in site-built homes, require proper maintenance to extend their life. The homeowner's manual, which accompanies every new home, explains proper maintenance requirements.

Do I have to Enclose the Area underneath my Home?

Many manufacturers require some type of perimeter enclosure and/or a ground vapor retarder. Your State, local, and community authorities may be able to advise you regarding these requirements. Enclosure material should be resistant to decay and is usually installed by either the retailer or installer. The perimeter enclosure, when properly installed with adequate ventilation, improves the energy performance of your home and protects your home from the weather. If you elect not to install enclosure material around your home, you will need to check the manufacturer's warranty to determine if this will affect the coverage.

May I Construct an Addition to My Home or make Structural Changes to the Interior?

The Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 directs HUD to establish a Model Installation Standard no later than December 27, 2005. For more information on how this standard is being developed, review information on the website for the Manufactured Housing Administering Organization and the What's New section of the Homepage.

May I Make Repairs to the Home Myself?

Yes, you should be able to make repairs to your home. Consult with your retailer or manufacturer if you have a concern that any repairs you make will affect your warranty. If your home is still under warranty, the manufacturer's authorization may be required. How Can I Make Repairs to My Home and Be Reimbursed by the Manufacturer? It would be quite unusual for the manufacturer to authorize a homeowner to perform repairs and be reimbursed. You must first check with the manufacturer and/or retailer before starting to make repairs and request that they provide you written authorization or a reimbursement agreement.

What Should I Do if I'm Having Problems with My Home and the Retailer and/or Manufacturer Are No Longer in Business?

Contact your SAA or State agency that regulates manufactured home manufacturers or retailers. Your State may administer a bonding or recovery fund program for such instances.


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