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Multifamily Housing Case Studies
A RHIIP Training Program

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The following training materials are another in a series of training and technical assistance tools developed in support of the Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project (RHIIP). This RHIIP training program was provided to the Department's RHIIP Help Desk Representatives beginning November 3, 2004, and ending on March 16, 2005. The training program was presented in a series of six modules that covered aspects of eligibility and income and rent calculations that were identified as the source of significant problem areas during RHIIP Error Measurement studies. The modules were based on guidance contained in HUD Handbook 4350.3 Rev-1, Occupancy Requirements for Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs, and was designed in a case study method to explain the key requirements to enable participants to see the actual application of the rules for a particular family. The case studies presented issues in the same way that owners and agents actually face them with multiple issues relating to a single family. The case studies included in the modules listed below focus on: eligibility, annual and adjusted income, rent calculations, verification and documentation, effective interviewing and how to make the most of the training materials. These training materials may be used in a variety of training settings including formal classroom training, conference calls, informal group, and self-study.

Overview of Module 1

Part 1. Household Composition and Definitions
Part 2. Annual Income
Part 3. Adjusted Income
Part 4. Rent and Assistance Payments
Part 5. Verification Requirements
Part 6. Advanced Topics

 -   Trainer Manual
 -   Participant manual
 -   Training Presentation

Overview of Module 2

Part 1. Consent and Verification
Part 2. Disclosure of Social Security Numbers
Part 3. Restrictions on Assistance to Non Citizens
Part 4. Additional Types of Income
Part 5. Advanced Topics

 -   Trainer Manual
 -   Participant manual
 -   Training Presentation

Overview of Module 3

Part 1. Introduction
Part 2. Keys to Successful Interviews
Part 3. Guidelines for Interviewing
Part 4. Conducting the Interviewing
Part 5. Questions as Interview Tools
Part 6. Interviewing Persons with Disabilities
Part 7. Questions on the Initial Application/Recertification Form
Part 8. Zero-income Families
Part 9. Policy Issues Affecting Data Collecting and Program Integrity
Part10. Summary

 -   Trainer Manual
 -   Participant manual
 -   Training Presentation

Overview of Module 4

Part 1. Absent Family Members
Part 2. Assets and Income from Assets
Part 3. Periodic Payments
Part 4. Elderly/Disabled Family
Part 5. Medical Expenses

 -   Trainer Manual
 -   Participant manual
 -   Training Presentation

Overview of Module 5

Part 1. Business Income and Business Assets
Part 2. Real Estate
Part 3. Trusts as Assets
Part 4. Assets Disposed of For Less Than Fair Market Value
Part 5. Other Income and Asset Issues

 -   Trainer Manual
 -   Participant manual
 -   Training Presentation

Overview of Module 6

Part 1. RHIIP Case Study Materials
Part 2. RHIIP Case Study Training Methods
Part 3. Training Guidance and Tips
Part 4. Training the Case Studies
Part 5. Module 1 - Practice Questions
Part 6. Module 2 - Practice Questions
Part 7. Module 3 - Practice Questions
Part 8. Module 4 - Practice Questions
Part 9. Module 5 - Practice Questions
Part10. Quality Control in Income and Rent Determination
Part11. Problem Solving and Error Reduction Strategies in Income and Rent Determination

 -   Trainer Manual & Participant manual


 -   Appendix 1: Crosswalk of Topics Covered in Each Module
 -   Appendix 2: Income Inclusions and Exclusions
 -   Appendix 3: Acceptable DHS Documents
 -   Appendix 4: A Guide to Interviewing for Owners of HUD-Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs
 -   Appendix 5: Attachment 4 from Rent and Income Determination Quality Control Monitoring Guide - dated July 2003
 -   Appendix 6: HUD-1140-OIG, Things You Should Know
 -   Appendix 7: Assets
 -   Appendix 8: Applicable Definitions of Elderly and Disability
 -   Appendix 9: Index
 -   Appendix 10: E-Learning Course Instructions

RHIIP Multifamily Housing Case Studies Training Program

 -   Training Program 1 of 3 (File Size 14.4 MB )
 -   Training Program 2 of 3 (File Size 11.0 MB )
 -   Training Program 3 of 3 (File Size 10.8 MB )


*You must have the referenced commercial software in order to use the download. HUD does not provide the commercial software.

Download of the RHIIP Multifamily Housing Case Studies Training Program - These downloadable files are (self extracting) within Microsoft Windows XP, simply click on it through "explorer" or select "Start, Run" from the task bar and path to wherever you download the file.

These compressed, (self extracting) files are offered through Internet Explorer. It is important to note that these are very large files and the speed for completing the download of the files are dependent on the bandwidth of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the speed of your connection to the Internet. The download consist of three files. Once the files have been downloaded and executed. The program can be accessed through Windows Explorer.

To open the program, Hilight the "Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project" file in the C:\Rhiiptrain directory. Then Select "file", from the dropdown menu and "Open". This file can also be set up as a Desktop Icon, by right clicking on the file, selecting "send to" and "Desktop (create shortcut)"

If you have any question concerning the RHIIP Multifamily Housing Case Studies Training Program, please email Cynthia_L._Thomas@hud.gov.

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