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FHA Refund Alerts!!!

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Consumer Alert

Beware of people (known as "tracers") offering to help you collect your refund for a fee. You do not need to hire someone to collect your money. You can obtain your refund directly from HUD for free. If

 -   you feel that you've been misled or in some way harmed by a tracer; or
 -   you've been contacted by someone asking you to become a tracer, who you believe misled or harmed you,

Let us know. We'll check it out.

You should be careful about any literature or solicitations stating that a change in HUD's, FHA's or the government's policy will prevent you from receiving your refund and that you should call their office immediately.

You should be aware that there are firms that might claim that you must refinance your loan in order to qualify and/or quote some large refund available to you if you refinance your loan with their firm. If you are unsure whether your loan was FHA, you can call HUD on 1-(800) 697-6967 and provide your name and property address, or you may contact us at sf_premiums@hud.gov.

Please be advised that the Department does not sponsor a Third-Party Tracer Program. Third-party tracers are independent business enterprises involved in locating homeowners who may be entitled to a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) single family mortgage insurance premium refund or distributive share payment. These firms attempt to match a homeowner with the government funds owed, as part of a private relationship that the tracer is trying to establish. It is up to the third-party tracer to develop their client relationship and to ensure receipt of their fee. The Department is not a party to any agreement, financial or otherwise, between third-party tracers and their clients.

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) of 1986, the Department makes available to the public a cumulative listing of unpaid Distributive Shares and Mortgage Insurance Premium refunds for Mutual Mortgage Insurance mortgages that remain unpaid for a minimum of 2 years. The Department provides the Mortgage Insurance Refund List to the public on the FOIA website, so that the State Listings can be easily downloaded at no cost to the requestor from the FOIA Frequently Requested Materials webpage. The link to access the Mortgage Insurance List Selection Page for the FOIA FHA Refund State Files can be found at:

Since the FOIA listings contain public information, HUD cannot prevent individuals or organizations from utilizing this data for their own financial interest. However, the Department neither promotes the commercial use of these listings nor reimburses third-party tracers for any losses that they incur in locating claimants. HUD neither encourages nor discourages the efforts of third-party tracers, as long as the tracers do not misrepresent themselves or the process to the public.


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