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Electronic Data Interchange Implementation Guide

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August 2014 Update

Updated the Mortgage Record Change and Termination Transaction Set (TS 266) documentation to indicate as of October 1, 2014, Voluntary Terminations are not allowed through the EDI X12 process.  A Voluntary Termination is identified as a '106' code that is mapped to the API03 element. Refer to Mortgagee Letter 14-13.

December 2013 Update

Updated the Application for Mortgage Insurance Benefits [Claim] Transaction Set (TS 260) documentation to indicate for Claim Type 2, Block 31 (Curtailment Date), is Optional (O) instead of Not Applicable (N/A).

June 2013 Update

Updated Mortgage Loan Default Status Transaction Set (TS 264) documentation per the information included in the HUD Mortgage Letter ML2013-15, dated May 9, 2013. The HUD ML2013-15 letter provides information on new Delinquency Default Status (DDS) codes as well as the retirement of DDS codes 1G, 22 and 77 on November 7, 2013.

March 2013 Update

Updated the K9 Error Message of the Application Advice [TS 824] in response to the Application for Mortgage Insurance Benefits [Claim - TS 260].

Also updated was the EDI Information Request Form that indicates a new fax number.


We recommend you replace any previous versions associated with these changes. Also, make sure you check regularly for updates.

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