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Unlocking Doors Initiative

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Welcome to the Unlocking Doors Initiative meeting registration tool.

Unlocking Doors is a two-part strategy which will identify what methods and practices were used that has made the city successful in its affordable community housing efforts. Answers to such questions as; What kind of partnerships were formed? Who were the partners and how did they allocate their responsibilities? Did these partnerships leverage community funding in productive ways?

To accomplish this, HUD will host meetings in the designated cities, bringing together the staff of the Mayor’s offices and their faith-based and community partners for discussions that will provide answers to these questions. Based on the analysis of the best practices within the participating cities, HUD will inform Mayors across the nation about effective ways to replicate these leading practices in their cities.

Secondly, Unlocking Doors will provide technical support to these cities to enable them to reach more people, expand their successful partnerships, or provide them with other resources to further their efforts in affordable housing and home ownership.

If you have questions about your registration or the Unlocking Doors locations, please call (202) 708-2404.

  1. On the registration form, please place a check in the box next to the meeting date and location of the session you would like to attend.
  2. Provide your contact information
  3. Once registered, you will receive an acknowledgment e-mail that includes hotel information and the meeting agenda.

Register for Unlocking Doors:
 -   Register for Dayton, OH - July 28, 2009
 -   Due to a scheduling conflict the Miami, FL Unlocking Doors Initiative will be rescheduled.

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