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Economic Development Toolkit

The April 2010 revision of CPD’s Economic Development Toolkit is a “must have” training manual for both CDBG grantees and HUD staff.

The Toolkit provides guidance on the effective use of CDBG funds for financing eligible economic development projects, including microenterprise and small business development, large-scale commercial and industrial development, and job creation, job retention, and job training activities.

The manual discusses the basics of financial underwriting and application of HUD’s public benefit standards. It explores a variety of economic development financing methods, including Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program financing, with regard to the application and approval process, collateral and debt coverage requirements, and companion grant programs.


Module 1: Economic Development Toolkit Manual

Module 2: Economic Development Toolkit Slides

Module 3: CDBG Flow Chart

Module 4: CDBG Economic Development Activities Matrix

Module 5: 24 CFR Part 570, Subpart M (570.700 – 570.710)

Module 6: Job Pirating Interim Rule

Module 7: Job Pirating Final Rule

Module 8: Anti-Pirate Federal Register

Module 9: Small Business Incubators

Module 10: Appendix A - 25 CFR Part 570

Module 11: CDBG Economic Development Resources on the HUD Web Site

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