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HOME Participating Jurisdictions Vacant Units Reports

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The purpose of the HOME Participating Jurisdictions Vacant Units Reports is to help HOME participating jurisdictions (PJs) identify units in HOME projects that are marked "vacant" in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS).

If the vacant units are part of a completed HOME IDIS activity, occupancy and beneficiary data should be entered for these units. If occupancy and beneficiary data from the time of activity completion is no longer obtainable, data on the current occupant can be used in its place.

Field Offices can use this report as a desk-monitoring tool to view each PJ's progress toward 100% occupancy. Since the HOME Program cannot count occupancy or beneficiary data that has not been entered into the system, it is important that all HOME PJs enter timely occupancy and beneficiary information for all completed HOME activities.

Completion of occupancy and beneficiary data should improve a PJ's "Low-Income Benefit" and "Lease-Up" factors on its SNAPSHOT of HOME Program Performance report, which in turn should improve the PJ's "Overall Ranking" on the same report.

According to the SNAPSHOT of HOME Program Performance dated March 31, 2007, state HOME PJs had a nationwide average rental lease-up rate of 95.72 percent while local PJs with rental activities had a rental lease-up rate of 91.22 percent. Unfortunately, that also means nearly five percent and nine percent respectively of all completed HOME units have been identified as vacant. We need your help in improving these percentages and this report is the tool to help you do so.

The HOME Participating Jurisdictions Vacant Units Reports provide data through November 30, 2013.

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