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Summary Accomplishments and Program Information for Entitlement Communities

IDIS information retrieval and reporting capability currently can provide the basic accomplishment and program information needed to identify the eligibility and funding status of activities. Over 1998 that capability will be expanded to allow grantees and field offices to retrieve all their data in a file format and to produce additional hard copy reports which convey program specific information for the program year.

The following report and download capabilities describe and categorize the main reports which currently exist or which should be available during the first part of 1998. Reports with an asterisk (*) contain information that must be provided to citizens in order to satisfy annual performance report requirements contained for Consolidated Plan under 24 CFR 91.520.

Consolidated plan - IDIS has two main reports to describe accomplishments and funding for work proposed under the consolidated plan

  • Summary of Accomplishments Report (C04PR23) presents data on CDBG/HOME activity counts and disbursements by priority need categories. It also contains data on CDBG accomplishments by various units of measure and housing units by racial/ethnic categories and HOME housing units by various income groups.
  • Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (C04PR06) tracks progress in implementing projects identified in the action plan. This report lists all projects for a plan year in sequence by project number. Disbursements are summarized by program for each project's activities. Accomplishments reported for the program year in the C04MA08 screens are summarized for each program area.
HOME - IDIS has several reports to assess program requirements and identify the status of activities.

Status of HOME grants (C04PR27) provides a the summary of funding by fiscal year. This report contains the key programmatic indicators. The funding report show the status of commitments, disbursements, administrative funds, CHDO operating funds, all CHDO funds, CHDO loan/capacity building, other entities and program income.

Match Report (forthcoming) shows the required match percentage, funds disbursed and required match for a given fiscal year.

Status of HOME Activities (C04PR22) shows the status of current HOME activities. The report lists activities which are currently open and funded or which have been closed out within the past 12 months. For each activity, the report shows the address, the number of units, funds committed and disbursed and activity status.

Status of CHDO funds (C04PR25) shows for each fiscal year the funds reserved, committed and disbursed for each CHDO.

CDBG reports - IDIS has several reports to assess program requirements and to describe the status of activities.

  • Financial Summary Report (forthcoming) provides the key CDBG program indicators. This report shows the obligations, expenditures which the grantee has made for a specified program year. The expenditures are summarized to determine the relevant indicators for low- and moderate-income, planning/ administration, public service activities and economic development. (This report contains program year information on statutory requirements regarding overall percentage for low- and moderate-income benefit.)
  • Summary of Activities (C04PR03) - lists each CDBG activity which was open during a program year. For each activity the report shows the status, accomplishments, program year narrative and program year expenditures. For each activity the report also shows the activity code, regulation cite and characteristics of the beneficiaries.

Rehabilitation Activities (C04PR10), lists each rehabilitation activity along with amount expended, completed low mod units and occupied low mod units.

ESG reports - three reports summarize accomplishments for projects and activities reported for a program year. For PY 1998, new screens will allow reporting program information for a year against a single activity.

ESG Program for Grantee Statistics (C04PR19) provides statistics on the characteristics of beneficiaries and services for each ESG project/activity.

ESG Activity Summary report (C04PR20) provides the amounts that are committed and disbursed by type of ESG expenditure.

ESG Financial summary (C04PR12) show the grant, committed and disbursed amounts for each ESG project/activity.

HOPWA - while no hard copy summary exist for HOPWA, the data for the annual report are contained in the HOPWA screens for the projects for the current program year.

Downloads - used to prepare user defined tables and reports. Also used to match local data.

Program data - one for each of the four formula programs derived from the information submitted on the program path.

Financial data - one for each of the four formula programs, derived from the grant information in IDIS

Activity, plan and activity funding data (forthcoming) returns all information provided in plan, common path, activity funding and drawdown modules.

Basic system data - use to validate, cross reference and explain information in IDIS and to reconcile IDIS data with local information.

Federal Entitlement Grant Funding (C04PR01) shows for each grant the amount authorized, suballocated, drawn and available to draw. The grants are organized by program and listed by fiscal year.

List of Activities (C04PR02) lists - by project, activity and program sequence - the amount authorized for draw, amount drawn and the difference.

Grantee Summary Activity Report (C04PR08) provide a list of activities in grantee activity number sequence. For each activity the report shows the date funded, grant status, amount drawn and date last draw.

Drawdown voucher report (C04PR07) lists the details for all vouchers in sequence by voucher identification. The voucher details include voucher status, amount drawn and the grant identification.

Grantees should retain a copy of the end of program year reports since this information will provide a summary of program accomplishments for the program year.

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