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Land Banks

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Land banks are governmental or nongovernmental nonprofit entities that focus on the conversion of vacant, abandoned properties into productive use. The following resources provide examples of how some state and local governments and organizations are addressing the problem through creation and operation of land banks.

Revitalizing Foreclosed Properties with Land Banks

This report examines the concept of land banking and discusses barriers and solutions to the successful implementation of land banks. The report includes case studies that provide an in-depth view of the operating procedures and accomplishments of three land bank authorities: Genesee County, Michigan; Baltimore City, Maryland; and Fulton County/City of Atlanta, Georgia.

Land Bank Authorities Guide

Local Initiatives Support Corporation Guide for creation and operation of local land bank public authorities to efficiently acquire, hold, manage, and develop foreclosed property.

Best Practices in Land Bank Operations

Summarizes the findings of the research and identifies those practices in land bank operation in the United States that define the models of operation and point to the best policies and practices in use today.

Dallas, TX

The City of Dallas' Urban Land Bank Demonstration Program acquires unproductive, vacant and developable lots for affordable single-family housing development. The Land Bank helps to both reduce unproductive expenditures and increase local government revenues. This process is being implemented by means of tax foreclosure.

Genessee County, MI

The Genessee County Land Bank has 10 programs: Planning and Outreach, Brownfield Redevelopment, Development, Adopt-a-Lot, Clean and Green, Demolition, Housing Renovation, Sales, Side Lot Transfer and Foreclosure Prevention. Similar land banks exist in other Michigan cities and counties.

Indianapolis, IN

The Indy Land Bank acquires abandoned, tax delinquent and other problem properties within Marion County and makes them available to non-profit and for-profit developers. Through rehabilitation and redevelopment efforts, these troubled properties are returned to productive and viable use and contribute to improved quality of life in Indianapolis neighborhoods.

Louisville, KY

The Louisville Landbank Authority acquires, manages and sells distressed properties and vacant unimproved parcels to responsible developers who can affect increased property values and stimulate the tax base.

San Diego, CA

San Diego City-County Task Force proposed creation of a land bank funded largely by private investment. Structural characteristics under consideration include formation of a quasi public non-profit with a for-profit subsidiary and a long term land trust as permanent entity.
Overview | Business Plan | Acquisition & Disposition Matrix

Additional resources

Includes information on vacant properties registration ordinances, access to State Policy Toolkit: State Land Bank Enabling Legislation prepared by Restoring Prosperity Initiative, information systems, home repair programs, and code enforcement.





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