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BCA-ADR Sharing Arrangement

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Most Federal agency Boards of Contract Appeals (BCA's), including the HUDBCA, are participants in an interagency sharing arrangement, the purpose of which is to make neutral BCA personnel available to the Government and Federal contractors for use in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The BCA's are an excellent source of impartial and cost effective neutrals with specific expertise appropriate for assisting in the resolution of Government contracting disputes. Under this Arrangement participating Boards provide their services free of charge.

Obtaining a Neutral through the BCA-ADR Sharing Arrangement:

Parties are encouraged to look first to obtaining ADR services from the Board that would normally handle the matter. Agency contracting officials or Federal contractors who are interested in using the BCA-ADR Sharing Arrangement, and obtaining BCA personnel from other agencies to serve as neutrals, should contact the Chair of the Board that would normally handle the matter. Upon receiving a request for a neutral from another Board, the Chair will promptly take the necessary steps to obtain a neutral through the BCA-ADR Sharing Arrangement. Board Chairs, recognizing the need for a quick response, will act upon ADR requests expeditiously.

Mediator Skills Training:

Mediator skills training has been provided to a number of BCA personnel serving as mediators. Based on need, additional mediator skills training courses are planned for the future.

Monitoring ADR Usage:

The Chairs will monitor ADR usage at their respective Boards.

BCAs Participating in the BCA-ADR Sharing Arrangement:

Armed Services BCA, Department of Agriculture BCA, Department of Energy BCA, Department of the Interior BCA, Department of Housing and Urban Development BCA, Department of Labor BCA, Postal Service BCA, Department of Transportation BCA, and Department of Veterans Affairs BCA.

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