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2006 Public and Indian Housing Notices

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Number Title
06-42 Violence Against Women and Justice Department Reauthorization Act 2005 Form HUD-50066
06-41 Verification of Social Security (SS) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits
06-40 Line of Credit Control System/Voice Response System (LOCCS/VRS) for the Indian
06-39 Accounting for Fixed Asset Depreciation and Related Issues
06-38 Reinstatement of Notice PIH 2005-21 - Accessibility Notice for Native American Program: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; the Architectural Barriers Act of 1968; and the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988
06-37 Changes to Disaster Voucher Program (DVP) Operating Requirements Family
06-36 Guidance on Unit Status Categories in the Development Sub-module of the Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH)
06-35 Operating Fund Program Final Rule: Transition Funding and Guidance on Demonstration of Successful Conversion to Asset Management to Discontinue the Reduction of Operating Subsidy articipation Extension of Stop Loss Deadline to April 15, 2007
06-34 Limiting Housing to Indian Families or Tribal Members when using Indian Housing
06-33 Changes in Financial Management and Reporting Requirements for Public Housing
-- (Attachment)
06-32 Public Housing Agency (PHA) Cost-Savings Initiatives in the Housing Choice
06-31 Extension Notice PIH 2005-32 (HA) HUD PIH Notice for Demolition/Disposition
06-30 Guidance on Methods and Schedules for Calculating Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2007
06-29 Disaster Voucher Program (DVP) Supplemental Guidance: Voucher Program
06-28 Extension Depository Agreements for Recipients of the Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) Program
06-27 Reinstatement - Homeless Initiative in Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher
06-26 Extension Housing Choice Voucher Program Enhanced Vouchers Adjustment of Voucher Housing Assistance Payments for Certain Families that Received Preservation Voucher Assistance as the Result of an Owner Prepayment or Voluntary Termination of Mortgage Insurance for a Preservation Eligible Property in Federal Fiscal Year (FY) 1997, FY 1998, and FY 1999
06-25 Extension -- Housing Choice Voucher Portability Procedures and Corrective
06-24 Correction to PIH-2006-24 Revised Reporting Requirements and Sanctions Policy for the Family Report (Form HUD-50058) to the Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Information Center (PIC)
06-23 Implementation of the Violence Against Women and Justice Department Reauthorization Act 2005
06-22 Public Housing Development Cost limits
-- (Attachment)
06-21 Reinstatement - Notice PIH 2005-5(HA) New Freedom Initiative, Executive Order
06-20 Financial Audit Requirements
06-19 Reinstatement of PIH Notice 2004-17,Recipient Inspection of Housing Units
06-18 Fiscal Year 2006 Capital Fund Grants Processing Notice
06-17 Total Development Costs (TDC) for Affordable Housing under the Native American
-- (Attachment)
06-16 Project-Based Voucher Units with Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Allocations
06-15 Extension - Notice PIH 2005-11 (HA), Single Audit Act (A-133)
06-14 Operating Fund Program Final Rule: Transition Funding and Guidance
06-13 Non-Discrimination and Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities
06-12 Disaster Voucher Program (DVP) Operating Requirements -- Rental Assistance for HUD-Assisted Families and Special Needs Families Displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
06-11 Guidance on Integrated Pest Management
06-10 Identification of Projects for Asset Management
06-9 Reinstatement - Notice PIH 2003-24 (HA), Procurement of Legal Services by Public Housing Agencies
-- (Attachment)
06-8 Extension - Notice PIH 2005-4 (HA), Exigent Health and Safety Deficiency
06-7 Extension - Notice PIH 2005-3 (HA), Changes to Guidebook 7401.7 G, Housing
06-6 Guidance on Energy Performance Contract with terms up to 20 years
06-5 Implementation of the 2006 HUD Appropriations Act (Public Law 109-115)
06-4 Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA) Funding
06-3 Reduction of Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) Reserves, Rescission of Requirements Under form HUD-52681 for Most Housing Choice Voucher Program Units, and Sanctions for Failure to Submit Required Financial Reports Pursuant to 24 CFR 5.801
06-2 Extension - Notice PIH 2004-25 (TDHEs), Clarification of submission dates for the form HUD-272-I Federal Cash Transactions Report ONAP (REV)
06-1 Reinstatement - Notice PIH 2005-2 Requirement for Designation of Public Housing Projects


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