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1992 Housing Notices

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Number Title
92-100 Phase-in of Tenant Rents after Plan of Action Implementation
92-99 Requirement to Provide State and Local Tax Information to Providers in the Single Family Homeless Initiative Program and Start of FY' 93 Inventory Guidelines by Region
92-98 Civil Money Penalties Implementation of the HUD Reform Act of 1989
92-97 Processing HUD Insured Projects Involving Low Income Housing Tax Credits Using Form HUD-92264-T
92-96 Fiscal Year 1993 Special Marketing Tools
92-95 Extension of Notice H 91-100, Permissible Uses of Secondary Financing for Section 202 Projects
92-94 Extension of Notice H 91-99, Review of Section 202 Applications for Projects for the Elderly in FY 1990 in Areas with Limited Market Demand
92-93 Extension of Notice H 91-98, Davis-Bacon Exclusions for Section 202 Group Homes
92-92 Extension of Notice H 91-97, Site Changes in the Section 202 Program
92-91 Extension of Notice 91-96, Release of Section 202 Ratings and Rankings
92-90 Extension of Notice H 91-95, Secondary Financing by Public Bodies for Section 202 Projects
92-89 Extension of Notice H 91-92 (HUD), Revision & Extension of H 90-83/Instructions to Field Offices on Implementation of Single Family Demonstration Program for Sale of Properties to Nonprofits and Government Entities
92-88 Extension of Notice H 91-94, Single Family Claims for Insurance Benefits: Changes in the Requirements for Preservation and Protection of Insured Properties
92-86 The Disposition Of Hazard Insurance Proceeds
92-84 Extension of Notice H 91-88, Delegated Processing Procedures
92-83 Extension of Notice H 91-91, Lease and Sale of Acquired Single Family Properties for the Homeless - Housing Responsibilities
92-82 A new form HUD 9887, Authorization for the Release of Information
92-81 Processing Applications under the Preservation NOFA for Technical Assistance Planning Grants for Resident Groups, Community Groups, Community-Based Nonprofit Organizations and Resident Councils
92-78 Extension of Notice H 91-84, Processing and Approving the Disposition of HUD-Owned Multifamily Projects
92-76 Directors and Officers Liability Insurance vs Indemnification By The Corporation
92-75 Washington Docket And Amortization Schedule For Multifamily Mortgage Insurance Projects
92-74 Transmittal of Smoke Detector Final Rule
92-73 Monitoring Real Estate Asset Managers and Closing Agents
92-72 Implementing Accountability Monitoring
92-71 Second Section 221 (g) (4) Project Mortgage Auction
92-70 Monitoring Mortgagees During On-site Reviews in Compliance with the Provisions of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 as amended - Single Family
92-69 Notice of Cancellation of Handbook - 4515.02 - Rental and Cooperative Housing for Lower Income Tenants - Fiscal Procedure
92-68 Notice of Cancellation of Handbook - 4515.01 - Mortgage Insurance for Lower Income Families, Rehabilitation Housing, Section 235(j)
92-67 The Interest Rate Reduction Program
92-66 Extension of Notices H 90-51 and H 91-74, Single Family Property Disposition Pricing of Properties
92-65 Extension of Notice 91-75 (HUD), Requests for Payment of Property Disposition Procurement - SAMS 1106 Form, Invoice Transmittal
92-64 Extension of Notice 91-63, Extension of Time Requirement for Single Family Claims for Insurance Benefits
92-63 Single Family Accounting Management System Internal Controls
92-62 Revised Lead-Based Paint Hazard Notice and Disclosure Requirements
92-61 Extension of Notice H 91-79, Early Warning System for Multifamily Housing Projects
92-60 Final Closing Section 202 Loans
92-59 Extension of Notice H 91-68, Delegation of Authority to Foreclose Multifamily Mortgages
92-58 Extension of Notice H 91-59, Resident Initiatives Program for Multifamily Housing
92-57 Retroactive Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments - Section 801 Of The Housing And Urban Development Reform Act Of 1989
92-56 Extension of Notice H 91-31 and H 91-62, Delegated Processing Procedures
92-54 Processing Instructions for Implementation of the Low Income Housing Preservation and Resident Homeownership Act of 1990 by Housing Development Staff
92-53 Extension of Notice H 91-58, Change of Authority to Approve Section 202 Project Name Changes
92-52 Extension of Notice H 91-53, Revised Processing Procedures for Projects Involving Relocation in the Section 202 Program
92-51 Extension of Notice H 90-1 and H 91-52, Secondary Financing by Public Bodies for Section 202 Projects
92-50 Extension of Notice H 90-42 and Notice H 91-46, Field Office Review of Market Need for Multifamily Insurance and Coinsurance
92-49 Extension of Single Family Development - Extension of Reciprocity in the Approval of Subdivisions
92-48 Extension of Notice, Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) Reporting
92-47 Extensions of Closing Agent Services Request for Proposal (RFP) Format Single Family Property Disposition
92-46 Servicing FHA-insured Mortgages Affected by the Los Angeles Riots (April 30, 1992) REGION IX (LOS ANGELES OFFICE ONLY)
92-43 Extension of Notice H 91-39, Need to Reduce Underwriting Risk on Multifamily Insured and Coinsured and Delegated Processing Projects
92-42 Extension of Notice H 91-44, Modification of Certification of Incorporation Guide Form Language
92-40 Processing of Applications for Service coordinators in Section 202 Housing and Monitoring of Approved Applications
92-39 Extension of Notice H 91-23 (HUD) Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) - Deficiency Judgment Bidding and Reimbursement Procedures
92-38 Extension of Notice H 91-20, Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement Vulnerability Secretary-Held Mortgages - Section 235
92-37 Extension of Notice H 91-24 (HUD), Rescission - Acceleration of Mortgages Subject to the Housing and Community Development Act of 1987 and the Department of Housing and Urban Development Reform Act of 1989
92-36 Extension of Notice H 91-34 (HUD), Procedures for Reconveyance and Procedures for Reimbursement to Lenders on Uninsured Cases
92-35 Flexible Subsidy Program Instructions
92-33 Transfer of Physical Assets (TPA) Approvals of Formerly Coinsured Projects with Subsidy (including Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation, Loan Management Set Aside, Substantial Rehabilitation, Property Disposition Set Aside, etc.) and Coinsured Projects
92-32 Processing Instructions for the Fiscal Year 1992 HOPE for Homeownership of Multifamily Units Program (HOPE 2) - Applications for Grants
92-30 Extension of Notice H 91-29: Processing Plans of Action Under the Housing Community Development Act of 1987
92-29 Extension of Notice H 91-31, Delegated Processing Procedures
92-28 Extension of Notice H 91-28, Authorization for the Release of Information - Form HUD-9886
92-26 Supervisory Review and Management of the Assigned Single Family Mortgage Portfolio (Material Weakness 89-15)
92-25 Calculating Imputed Income From Assets
92-23 Extension of Notice H 91-22, Comprehensive MF Servicing Program
92-22 Extension of Notice H 91-18, Combining Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) with HUD Program
92-18 Designation of Authority and Responsibility for Decentralized Single Family Foreclosure Management and Contract Administration
92-12 I Actions Subsequent to Notification of Funding Approval for the HOPE for Homeownership of Multifamily Units Program (HOPE 2)
92-11 I Supplemental Instructions on Conversion of Section 202/8 Section 162 Fund Reservations to Capital Advances
92-10 I 1992 Annual Operating Cost Standards : Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly and Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities
92-10 Failure to Abide by HUD's Earnest Money Policy
92-9 I Monitoring of FY 1991 and 1992 Special Purpose Grants
92-8 I Clarification of HDG Settlement Procedures
92-8 Clarification of Solicitation Document for Real Estate Asset Management (REAM) Contracts
92-6 I Changes to Previous Participation (2530) Procedures
92-5 I 1992 Special Purpose Grant Application Reviews
92-5 Revision to Notice H 91-91, Lease and Sale of Acquired Single Family Properties For the Homeless - Housing Responsibilities
92-4 I Instructions for Reporting Closings of Section 202 and Section 811 Conversions
92-3 I Section 221(g)(4) Project Mortgage Auction: Amendment of HUD Notice 92-24
92-2 I Instructions for Processing Applications After Selection for Funding - Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly and Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities
92-2 Reinstatement of Housing Development Grant - Project Settlement Procedures
92-1 I Instructions for Providing Documentation of Availability of HUD-owned Properties for HOPE 2 Applicants in FY 1992

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