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1991 Housing Notices

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Number Title
91-102 Extension of Notice H 91-4 (HUD) - Section 8 Contract Rents - Retroactive Payments
91-101 Extension of Notice H 91-1 (HUD) - Collection of Overdue Excess Income - Section 236 Multifamily Housing Projects
91-100 Permissible Uses of Secondary Financing for Section 202 Projects
91-94 Single Family Claims for Insurance Benefits: Changes in the Requirements for Preservation and Protection of Insured Properties
91-92 Revision & Extension of H 90-83/Instructions to Field Offices on Implementation of Single Family Demonstration Program for Sale of Properties to Nonprofits and Government Entities
91-91 Lease and Sale of Acquired Single Family Properties for the Homeless - Housing Responsibilities
91-88 Delegated Processing Procedures
91-84 Processing and Approving the Disposition of HUD-Owned Multifamily Projects
91-79 Early Warning System for Multifamily Housing Projects
91-65 Additional Information - Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) Remittances
91-62 Technical Corrections, Delegated Processing Procedures
91-52 Reinstatement and extension of Notice H 90-1 (HUD), Secondary Financing by Public Bodies for Section 202 Projects
91-31 Delegated Processing Procedures
91-24 RESCISSION - Acceleration of Mortgages Subject to the Housing and Community Development Act of 1987 and the Department of Housing and Urban Development Reform Act of 1989
91-23 Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) Deficiency Judgment Bidding and Reimbursement Procedures
91-12 Solicitation and Requirements for Single Family Real Estate Asset Management (REAM) Services
91-6 Monitoring of Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) Remittances (Limited Scope)

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