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2010 Housing Notices

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Previous years: 2009

Number Title
10-26 Subordination of Section 202 Direct Loans
10-25 Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), MasterFormat Editions
10-24 HUD Single Family Non-Judicial Foreclosure Statute

Attachment 1 - Referral of Single Family Mortgage Foreclosure(s)
Attachment 2 - Notice of Default and Foreclosure Sale
Attachment 3 - Deed
Attachment 4 - Instructions to Foreclosure Commissioner Title II
10-23 Extension of Housing Notice H 09-15, Implementation of the Violence Against Women and Justice Department Reauthorization Act of 2005 for the Multifamily Project-Based Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Program
10-22 Guidelines for Assumption, Subordination, or Assignment of Mark-to-Market (M2M) Program Loans in Transfer of Physical Assets (TPA) and Refinance Transactions
10-21 Optional Smoke-Free Housing Policy Implementation
10-20 Annual Base City High Cost Percentage and High Cost Area Revisions for 2010
10-19 Revised Temporary Authority for Multifamily Hubs to Process Waiver Requests Pertaining to the Three-Year Rule for Section 223(f) to Allow for Acquisitions.1
10-18 Renewal of Special Authority for Eligibility of Projects for Mortgage Insurance where Construction has Started Originally Established by Mortgagee Letter 2009-26 and Housing Notice 2009-12
10-17 Revised Procedures for Requesting Inspections from the Real Estate Assessment Center
10-16 Further Policy Guidance to Defer Submission of Final Architectural Plans and Specifications Introduced by Mortgagee Letter 2008-19, Streamlined Processing of Multifamily Mortgage Insurance Applications Involving Low Income Housing Tax Credits
10-15 Processing Instructions for Refinancing Cooperative Housing Projects Under Section 207 pursuant to Section 223(f)
10-14 Policy and Procedure for Prepayment and Refinancing of Section 202 Projects Funded prior to 1975
Attachment 1 ? Authorities
Attachment 2 ? Calculation of Project Benefits
10-13 Overview of Hub and National Loan Committees
10-12 Delegation of Authority to Approve Certain Compliance, Disposition and Enforcement (CDE) Plans
10-11 HUD Multifamily Risk Mitigation

Attachment A - Sample Schedule of Real Estate Owned
Attachment B - Sample Schedule of Mortgage Debt
10-10 Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System
10-09 Expansion of Real Estate Assessment Center Authority to Approve or Deny Requests to Defer Partial Year Submissions of Annual Financial Statements
10-08 Implementation of Refinement of Income and Rent Determination Requirements in Public and Assisted Housing Programs: Implementation of the Enterprise Income Verification System - Amendments; Final Rule

Final Rule 2009
Application for a Social Security Card
10-07 Revision to Criterion 4 of the Form HUD 92264-A, "Supplement to Project Analysis"
10-06 Hospital Mortgage Insurance: Section 223(f) Refinancing in Conjunction with Section 242 Financing - Amendments to Threshold Criteria
10-05 Extension of Housing Notice H 09-08 Temporary Authority for Multifamily Hubs to Process Waiver Requests Pertaining to the Three-Year Rule for Section 223(f)
10-04 Revised Protocol for Placing a Flag in the Active Partners Performance System (APPS) When a Property Receives a Physical Inspection Score Below 60 but Above 30

Attachment 1: Project Owner's Certification That The Physical Condition Of The Project Is In Compliance With The Physical Condition Standards

Attachment 2: Bi-Weekly Re-inspection Report
10-03 Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Operating Cost Standards - Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly and Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities Programs
10-02 Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) & You Brochure - Requirements for Distribution and Use
10-01 Extension of Authority for Processing Pre-application - Firm Invitation and Firm Commitment Extension Requests

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