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1999 Mortgagee Letters

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Document Number Title
99-38 Single Family Loan Production - Increase in FHA Maximum Mortgage Limits
-- (Attachments)
99-37 Single Family Loan Production - Year 2000 Guidelines for processing Mortgage Insurance under FHA's Contingency Plans
99-36 Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Calculation Software
99-35 Single Family Loan Production - FHA Appraisal Reformand the National Appraiser Examination
99-34 Single Family Loan Production - Revised Regulations on Single Family Housing, New Construction in Floodplains
99-33 Additional Documentation Required in Connection With Multifamily Mortgage Insurance Claims Submissions for Bond Financed Mortgages
99-32 Single Family Loan Production: FHA Homebuyer Protection Plan, Questions and Answers
 -   Attachments
 -   Frequently Asked Questions
99-31 Single Family Real Estate Owned (Property Disposition) National Management and Marketing Contracts
99-30 Credit Watch/Termination Thresholds
99-29 Single Family Loan Production: Clarifications Regarding the Homebuyer Protection Plan
99-28 Single Family Loan Production - Termination of the CHUMS Generated Appraiser Letter
99-27 New Procedures For Filing Loss Mitigation Claims
-- (Attachments .zip)
99-26 Single Family Loan Production - FHA Approves Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter®and PMI Mortgage Services' pmiAURAsm Automated Underwriting Systems
99-25 Implementation of the Single Family Premium Collection Subsystem-Periodic (SFPCS-P)
99-24 Single Family Loan Production - Guidance on Definition of "Public Charge" in Immigration Laws - Relevance to FRA Single Family Mortgage Insurance Programs
99-23 Single Family Loan Production -Informed Consumer Choice Notice
-- (Attachment)
99-22 Single Family Loan Production: Delayed Effective Date for Use of the new Comprehensive Valuation Package, Forms HUD-92564-HS and HUD-92564-VC
99-21 Debenture Interest Rates
99-20 Single Family Loan Production-Extension of Mortgagee Letter 94-6: Section 248 Mortgage Insurance Program for properties located on Indian Reservations and other restricted lands
99-19 Single Family Real Estate Owned (Property Disposition) National Management and Marketing Contracts
99-18 Single Family Loan Production: Handbook 4150.2 - Valuation Analysis for Home Mortgage Insurance for Single Family One- to Four- Unit Dwellings, Comprehensive Valuation Package and the updated "Importance of Home Inspections" Form
99-17 FHA Connection Lender Approval Functions: Adding Branches, Maintaining Institution Data, and Determining Recertification Fees
99-16 Requirements for Year 2000 compliant electronic data submissions
99-15 Mortgagee Approval for Single Family Programs - Clarification of Procedures for Terminating Origination Approval Agreements and Placement in Credit Watch Status - Superceding Mortgagee Letter 95-37
99-14 Single Family Real Estate Owned (Property Disposition) National Management and Marketing Contracts
99-13 Single Family Loan Production - Termination of the CHUMS Lender Access System (CLAS)
99-12 All Approved Mortgagees All Multifamily HUB Directors All Multifamily Program Center Directors All Project Managers All Secretary's Representatives
-- (Attachments)
99-11 Single Family Loan Production and Servicing - Special Program, Underwriting, and Servicing Policies to Assist Victims of Presidentially -Declared Major Disaster Areas
99-10 Submission of Mortgagee Insurance Certificates for Electronic Part A Claims
99-9 Single Family Default Monitoring System (SFDMS): Electronic Reporting via the FHA Connection
99-8 Clarification of Mortgagee Letter 98-26
99-7 Single Family Loan Production - Change in Case Transfer (FHA Connection)
99-6 Loss Mitigation Performance Scores
99-5 Single Family Real Estate Owned (Property Disposition) National Management and Marketing Contracts
99-4 Title Approval Status via the FHA Connection
99-3 Single Family Loan Production - Revised Subterranean Termite Treatment Builder's Certification and Guarantee
-- (Attachments: NPCA-99a & NPCA-99b)
99-2 Implementation of the Final Rule - HECM Consumer Protection Measures
-- (Attachment)
99-1 Debenture Interest Rates

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