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1987 Mortgagee Letters

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Document Number Title
87-40 Debenture Interest Rates
87-39 Changes to the Term of Conditional Commitments Issued for Proposed Construction
87-38 Change in Maximum Interest Rates
87-37 Single Family Development - The Use of a Real Estate Schedule in Investor Transactions
87-36 Homeowner's Fact Sheet-One-time Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) Refunds and Distributive Shares
87-35 Single Family Production--Revisions to Interest Buydown Policy
87-33 Change in Maximum Interest Rates
87-32 Single Family Processing Procedures -- Shared Equity Identity of Interest Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) Sales Data Prohibited Kickback Payments Mortgagor Borrowing Funds for the Required Investment
87-26 Change in Maximum Interest Rates
87-25 Fraud Alert - Fictitious Notices of Mortgage Transfer or Sale
87-24 Refinance Transactions -- Additional Instructions and Clarifications
87-23 Replacement Mortgage Insurance Certificates
87-22 Use of Project Reserve/Residual Receipt Accounts to Cure A Potential Mortgage Default
87-21 Debenture Interest Rates
87-20 Claims without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT); Bidding Requirements for Foreclosure Sales
87-16 Change in Maximum Interest Rates
87-14 Operational Jurisdiction for Multifamily Projects
87-9 Mortgage Prepayment Provisions For HUD-Insured and Coinsured Multifamily Projects
87-6 Single Family Development - Streamlined Refund Process for Refinance Transactions
87-5 Additional Processing instructions for Determining Creditworthiness of Assuming Mortgagors- Mortgagee Letter 86-15
87-2S Corrections Needed for Errors in Reporting on the 90 or More Days Delinquent Loan Report, Single Family Default Monitoring System (SFDMS)
87-2 Changes in Reporting Requirements for the Single Family Default Monitoring System (SFDMS)

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