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HUD Forms 40003 through 4732


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Name /Version Date
HUD-40003 Nomination for a Federal Empowerment Zone (01/1994)
HUD-40006 ENTERPRISE ZONES INFORMATION KIT (03/2005) -- Request a copy of this form from HUD's Direct Distribution System. For questions or comments, call 1-800-767-7468 or send email to OnDemand.Mail@hud.gov.
HUD-40017 HUD Notification Indian Community Development Block Grants (03/1989)
HUD-40030 Claim for Temporary Relocation Expenses (Residential Moves) (Appendix A, 49 CFR 24.2(a)(9)(ii)(D)) (PDF) (Word) (10/2008)
HUD-40040.1 NSP Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Expertise Matrix (10/2010)
HUD-40044.1 NSP Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Experience Matrix (10/2010)
HUD-40054 Claim for Moving And Related Expenses (Families and Individuals) (04/2005)
HUD-40055 Claim for Actual Reasonable Moving and Related Expenses - Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations and Farm Operations (CPD) (04/2005)
HUD-40056 Claim for Fixed Payment in Lieu of Payment for Actual Moving and Related Expenses - Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations and Farm Operations (CPD) (04/2005)
HUD-40057 Claim for Replacement Housing Payment for 180-Day Homeowner (CPD) (02/2005)
HUD-40058 Claim for Rental Assistance or Downpayment Assistance (CPD) (02/2005)
HUD-40061 Selection of Most Representative Comparable Replacement Dwelling (for Computing a Replacement Housing Payment) - CPD (04/2005)
HUD-40072 Claim for Rental Or Purchase Assistance (Under Sec. 104(d) of Housing and Community Dev. Act of 1974, as amended) (04/2005)
HUD-40075 Costs Chargeable to Section 810 for VA/FmHA Properties (11/1989)
HUD-40076-C1-CIECH Special Project Certification (02/2003)
HUD-40076-C2-CIECH Discharge Policy (02/2003)
HUD-40076-EDI-BEDI EDI/BEDI Economic Development Projects (02/2000)
 - 40076edi
 - Edibedi
 - Edibedi.zip
 - Regioned
EDI/BEDI Projects Forms (Excel Files)
 - Checklst
 - Distress
 - Funding1
 - Funding2
 - Timeline
 - Sourcuse
Regional ED Projects (Excel Files)
 - Crosssrc
 - Regtime
 - Regsourc
 - RegChkls
 - Regdistr
HUD-40076-HBCU Historically Black Colleges and Universities (04/2003)
HUD-40076-LGA Submission Requirements for a Nonprofit Organization (PDF) (Word) (06/2006)
HUD-40076-RHED Appendix Checklist of Forms and Certifications(PDF) (06/2006)
HUD-40076-LGA Submission Requirements for a Nonprofit Organization (continued) (06/2006)
HUD-40077 Office of University Partnerships Grant Progress Report (11/2009)
HUD-40084 Costs Chargeable to Section 810 Account for Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) (05/1991)
HUD-40087 Project Data on Occupancy, Displacement and Real Property (09/1991)
The Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Grants Program Application is now automated within e-snaps, a database driven system outside of grants.gov. For more information, please visit HUD's Homelessness Resource Exchange (HRE) or ask a question through the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk.
HUD-40092 Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP) Agreement
-- Instructions (04/2009)
HUD-40093 Funding Approval and HOME Investment Partnership (05/2012)
HUD-40094 Rental/Homebuyer/Homeowner Rehab Set-Up Report (04/2003)
HUD-40095 Tenant Based Rental Assistance Project Set-Up Report (04/2003)
HUD-40096 Homebuyer/Homeowner Rehab Completion Report (02/2003)
HUD-40096-M Multi-Address Homebuyer/Homeowner Rehab Completion Form (02/2003)
HUD-40097 Rental Housing Project Completion Report (02/2003)
HUD-4010 Federal Labor Standards Provisions (06/2009)
HUD-40107 Annual Performance Report (11/1992)
HUD-40107-A Home Match Report (12/1994)
HUD-40108 State CDBG Timely Distribution of Grant Funds Report (03/2011)
HUD-40110-B Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) (01/2008)
HUD-40110-C Annual Progress Report (APR) for Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) (01/2008)
HUD-40110-D Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)- Measuring Project Performance (01/2008)
HUD-40112 Housing for People who are Homeless and Addicted to Alcohol (03/2005)
HUD-40118 Annual Progress Report (APR) for Competitive Homeless Assistance Programs
HUD-40119 Substantial Amendment to the Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (PDF) (Word) (03/2009)
HUD-40120 Rural Housing & Economic Development (RHED) Budget (06/2001)
HUD-40121 Youthbuild Budget (06/2001)
HUD-40122 Section 108 Loan Guarantee State Certifications Related to Nonentitlement Public Entities (05/2002)
HUD-40123 Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI) Application Form (PDF) (Word) (10/2004)
HUD-40150 Attachment: A Verification of State CDBG Program Grants Closed-out (01/2012)
HUD-40151 Attachment: B State CDBG Program Grant Close-out Certification (01/2012)
HUD-40152 Attachment: C Closeout Agreement
HUD-40153 Attachment: D State CDBG Closeout Checklist (01/2012)
HUD-40154 Attachment: A Entitlement Grant Closeout and Recapture of Unspent Grant Funds Community Development Block Grant – Recovery (01/2012)
HUD-40155 Attachment: B Grant Closeout and Recapture of Unspent Grant Funds State Community Development Block Grant – Recovery (01/2012)
HUD-40156 Attachment: C Community Development Block Grant – Recovery (CDBG-R) Program Grantee Closeout Certification (01/2012)
HUD-40157 Attachment: D CDBG-R Closeout Checklist (01/2012)
HUD-40158 Attachment: E GRANT CLOSEOUT AGREEMENT For Entitlement Community Development Block Grant-Recovery Program
HUD-40159 Attachment F GRANT CLOSEOUT AGREEMENT For State Community Development Block Grant-Recovery Program (01/2012)
HUD-40161 Attachment A Grant Closeout Review/Checklist (01/2012)
HUD-40162 Attachment B Closeout Certification (01/2012)
HUD-40163 Attachment C Example Of Letter To Be Attached To Financial Report (01/2012)
HUD-40164 Attachment D GRANT CLOSEOUT AGREEMENT For Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program (01/2012)
HUD-40201 Youthbuild Program Reports (07/1997)
HUD-40202 Youthbuild Grant Request Voucher for Grant Payment (02/1994)
HUD-40203 Youthbuild Planning Grant Request Voucher (02/1994)
HUD-40206 LOCCS/VRS EZEC Implementation Grant (05/1999)
HUD-40207 LOCCS/VRS Rural Housing and Economic Development Grant (08/1999)
HUD-40208 Budget Summary Federal Share (04/2002)
HUD-40209 Amount of Funds Requested for Technical Assistance (03/2002)
HUD-40210 Line Item Budget for Federal Funds for the Rural Housing and Economic Development Program (PDF) (Word) (04/2003)
HUD-40211 Youthbuild SuperNOFA Forms (02/2005)
HUD-40215 SHOP 1 SHOP Grantee Quarterly Report to HUD (Excel) (Word) (08/2004)
HUD-40216 SHOP 2 SHOP Grantee's Annual Report to HUD (Excel) (Word) (08/2004)
HUD-40217 SHOP 3 Optional SHOP Grantee Quarterly Report (Excel) (Word) (08/2004)
HUD-40218 SHOP 4 Optional SHOP Affiliate/Consortium Report (Excel) (Word)
HUD-40219 SHOP Financial Closeout Report (PDF) (Word) (08/2004)
HUD-40220 SHOP Grant Quarterly Earnings Report - (Instructions)
HUD-40221 Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program with BLIs Payment Voucher
HUD-4024 Monitoring of Real Property Acquisition-One Parcel (02/1992)
HUD-4025 Workload Identification/Training and Monitoring Schedule Displacement/ (02/1992)
HUD-4042 Request & Authorization of HUD Virtual University (02/2013)
HUD-4052 Instructions for Completing the CDBG Small Cities Performance Asse (05/1993)
HUD-4056 Abstract of Proposals (12/1984)
HUD-40932 Presidential Management Intern Trainee Self-Evaluation Report (07/1988)
HUD-40933 Presidential Management Intern Supervisor's Evaluation of Employee Internship (07/1988)
HUD-4117 Formula Response Form Indian Housing Block Grant Formula Data (PDF) (Word) (04/2014)
HUD-4119 Challenging U.S. Decennial Census Data: Guidelines for the Indian Housing Block Grant Formula (PDF) (Word) (04/2014)

-- Appendix B: Challenging Indian Health Service Data
-- Appendix C: Challenging Total Development Cost Data
-- Appendix D: Challenging Fair Market Rent Data
-- Appendix E: Challenging Total Resident Service Area Indian Population Data
HUD-4123 Cost Summary - Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) (02/2012)
HUD-4123A Cost Summary - Native American Housing Block Grant (NAHBG) (05/2009)
HUD-4125 Implementation Schedule - Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) (02/2012)
HUD-4125A Implementation Schedule - Native American Housing Block Grant (NAHBG) (05/2009)
HUD-4128-OHF Environmental Assessment and Compliance Findings (01/2002)
HUD-41901-OHF Compliance Regulations Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (05/1966)
HUD-4230A Report Of Additinal Classification and Rate (08/2003) (Form) (Instructions)
HUD-424-B Applicant Assurances and Certifications (02/2004)
HUD-424-CB Grant Application Detailed Budget (PDF) (Excel) (01/2004)
HUD-424-CBW-I Instructions for Grant Application Detailed Budget Worksheet (01/2004)
HUD-424-M Federal Assistance Funding Matrix and Certifications .xls
HUD-434 Statement of Taxes (06/1990)
HUD-450-A Supplement To Confidential Disclosure Report OGE Form 450 (01/1998)
HUD-4534 Computation of Debt Service Grant Amount (11/1970)
HUD-4710 Semi-Annual Labor Standards Enforcement Report - Local Contracting Agencies (HUD Programs) - (Instructions) (11/2004)
HUD-4720 Project Wage Rate Sheet (03/2004)
HUD-4730 Federal Labor Standards Questionnaire (06/2004)
HUD-4730SP Cuestionario de Estándares Federales de Trabajo -- HUD-4730 (06/2004)
HUD-4730-E On-Line Employee Questionnaire (06/2004)
HUD-4731 Federal Labor Standards Compliant Intake Form (06/2004)
HUD-4732 Labor Standards Deposit Agreement (06/2005)
HUD-4733 Wire Transfer Instructions for Labor Standards Deposit Accounts (07/2006)
HUD-4734 Labor Standards Deposit Account Voucher (08/2006)
HUD-4750 Maintenance Wage Rate Recommendation (01/2007)
HUD-4751 Maintenance Wage Rate Survey (01/2007)
HUD-4752 Maintenance Wage Rate Survey - Summary Sheet (01/2007)


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