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National Affordable Housing Act

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 Preamble -- Sec-351

 -   Preamble
 -   SEC-101 The National Housing Goal.
 -   SEC-102 Objective of National Housing Policy.
 -   SEC-103 Purposes of the Cranston-Gonzalex National Affordable Housing Act.
 -   SEC-104 Definitions.
 -   SEC-105 State and Local Housing Strategies.
 -   SEC-106 Certifications.
 -   SEC-107 Citizen Participation.
 -   SEC-108 Compliance.
 -   SEC-109 Energy Efficiency Standards.
 -   SEC-110 Capacity Study.
 -   SEC-111 Protection of State and Local Authority.
 -   SEC-201 Short Title.
 -   SEC-202 Findings.
 -   SEC-203 Purposes.
 -   SEC-204 Coordinated Federal Support for Housing Strategies.
 -   SEC-205 Authorization.
 -   SEC-206 Notice.
 -   SEC-211 Authority.
 -   SEC-212 Eligible Uses of Investment.
 -   SEC-213 Development Of Model Programs.
 -   SEC-214 Income Targeting.
 -   SEC-215 Qualification As Affordable Housing.
 -   SEC-216 Participation By States And Local Governments.
 -   SEC-217 Allocation Of Resources.
 -   SEC-218 Home Investment Trust Funds.
 -   SEC-219 Repayment Of Investment.
 -   SEC-220 Matching Requirements.
 -   SEC-221 Private-Public Partnership.
 -   SEC-222 Distribution Of Assistance.
 -   SEC-223 Penalties For Misuse Of Funds.
 -   SEC-224 Limitation On Jurisdictions Under Court Order.
 -   SEC-225 Tenant And Participant Protections.
 -   SEC-226 Monitoring Of Compliance.
 -   SEC-231 Set-Aside For Community Housing Development Organizations.
 -   SEC-232 Project-Specific Assistance To Community Housing Development.
 -   SEC-233 Housing Education And Organizational Support.
 -   SEC-234 Other Requirements.
 -   SEC-241 Authority.
 -   SEC-242 Priorities For Capacity Development.
 -   SEC-243 Conditions Of Contracts.
 -   SEC-244 Research In Housing Affordability.
 -   SEC-245 Reach: Asset Recycling Information Dissemination.
 -   SEC-251 General Authority.
 -   SEC-252 Rental Housing Production.
 -   SEC-253 Rental Rehabilitation.
 -   SEC-254 Rehabilitation Loans.
 -   SEC-255 Sweat Equity Model Program.
 -   SEC-256 Home Repair Services Grants For Older And Disabled Homeowners.
 -   SEC-257 Low-Income Housing Conservation And Efficiency Grant Programs.
 -   SEC-258 Second Mortgage Assistance For First-Time Homebuyers.
 -   SEC-259 Rehabilitation Of State And Local Government In Rem.
 -   SEC-271 Report On Credit Enhancement.
 -   SEC-281 Equal Opportunity.
 -   SEC-282 Nondiscrimination.
 -   SEC-283 Annual Audits And Accountability.
 -   SEC-284 Uniform Recordkeeping And Reports To The Congress.
 -   SEC-285 Citizen Participation.
 -   SEC-286 Labor.
 -   SEC-287 Interstate Agreements.
 -   SEC-288 Environmental Review.
 -   SEC-289 Termination Of Existing Housing Programs.
 -   SEC-301 Short Title.
 -   SEC-302 National Homeownership Trust.
 -   SEC-303 Assistance For First-Time Homebuyers.
 -   SEC-304 National Homeownership Trust Fund.
 -   SEC-305 Definitions.
 -   SEC-306 Regulations.
 -   SEC-307 Report.
 -   SEC-308 Authorization Of Appropriations.
 -   SEC-309 Transition.
 -   SEC-310 Termination.
 -   SEC-321 Limitation On Fha Insurance Authority.
 -   SEC-322 Appraisal Services.
 -   SEC-323 Increase In Mortgage Limit.
 -   SEC-324 Mortgagor Equity.
 -   SEC-325 Mortgage Insurance Premiums.
 -   SEC-326 Limitation On Secondary Residences.
 -   SEC-327 Mortgage Counseling For Delinquent Mortgagors.
 -   SEC-328 Delegation Of Processing.
 -   SEC-329 Disclosure Regarding Interest Due Upon Mortgage Prepayment.
 -   SEC-330 Accountability Of Mortgage Lenders.
 -   SEC-331 Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund Distributions.
 -   SEC-332 Actuarial Soundness Of Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund.
 -   SEC-333 Insurance Of Mortgages On Property In Virgin Islands.
 -   SEC-334 Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Insurance Demonstration.
 -   SEC-335 Information Regarding Early Defaults On Fha-Insured Loans.
 -   SEC-336 Auction Of Multifamily Mortgages.
 -   SEC-337 Disapproval Of Regulations Regarding Property Disposition.
 -   SEC-338 Report Regarding Foreclosed Properties.
 -   SEC-339 Limitation On Gnma Guarantees Of Mortgage-Backed Securities.
 -   SEC-340 Increase In Loan Limits For Property Improvement Loan.
 -   SEC-351 Effective Date.
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