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HUD # 06-WA-17
Pamela Negri
(206) 220-5356
For Release
July 19, 2006



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Editor’s Note: For more information about the dedication at Pine Villa Apartments, call Karen Heppler at (509) 979-8667 for the Neighborhood Network Computer Center and Goodale and Barbieri Company for housing information at
(509) 459-6102.

[Photo: Neighborhood Networks team]

Don Barbieri, Owner; John Perekopsky, Neighborhood Networks Assistant for Goodale and Barbieri; Karen Heppler, Neighborhood Networks Coordinator for Goodale and Barbieri; Laura Cole, HUD Regional Neighborhood Networks Coordinator

Spokane, WA -- On Friday, July 21, the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), Pine Villa Associates, Goodale and Barbieri Company, the residents of Pine Villa Apartments, and supporting community groups celebrate the dedication of the Pine Villa Apartments Neighborhood Networks Computer Center, 33 East Graves Road in Spokane, Washington. The event begins at 10:00 a.m.

Arlene Patton, Spokane Field Office Director, will represent HUD at the event.

Pine Villa Apartments, an FHA insured property, has a total of 50-units and provides safe and affordable housing to approximately 84 residents, including 33 children. This Neighborhood Network Computer Center will bring the services and community connections right to the resident’s home.

The Pine Villa Apartments Computer Center is the 47th center established in Washington State as part of the Neighborhood Networks Initiative sponsored by HUD. The initiative encourages owners and managers of HUD assisted affordable housing to create computer learning centers on-site for the residents and community, with the help of other community partners and resources, both public and private. Neighborhood Networks provide economic and community-based opportunities for the residents in HUD insured and assisted properties.

Pine Villa Apartments Neighborhood Networks Computer Center will offer the residents:

  • An introduction to and familiarization with computers
  • Internet access and access to local on-line services
  • Access to health care resources
  • Access to continuing education
  • Recreation and entertainment
  • Communication via e-mail to family and friends
  • Financial literacy program offered by Washington Mutual

At the dedication Washington Mutual will introduce their Financial Literacy Program that will be offered at the center. Washington Mutual wants to help everyone from young students to adults learn the basics of money, banking and financial management. There will be lessons for K-12 grade levels as well as for adults. There is everything from kits like Money Basics to introduce the little ones to the concept of money, to Credit Management for adults. This is just an example of the benefits derived by linking technology and housing together to meet the needs of the residents and community.

To learn more about Neighborhood Networks visit http://www.hud.gov/nnw/nnwindex.html.

[Photo: Pine Villa grand opening]
Pine Villa grand opening

Pine Villa Apartments and staff thank the following individuals, businesses and organizations for their help in making this day possible: Applebee’s, Aurora NW Rotary, ChuckECheese, Goodale & Barbieri Company, Jewelry Design, NNTAC, North Division Bike Shop, Picture Pages, Pizza Hut, Red Robin, Ritter’s, Rosauer’s, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Washington Mutual, and Wild Noodles.

HUD is the nation's housing agency committed to increasing homeownership, particularly among minorities; creating affordable housing opportunities for low-income Americans; and supporting the homeless, elderly, people with disabilities and people living with AIDS. The Department also promotes economic and community development, and enforces the nation’s fair housing laws. More information about HUD and its programs is available on the Internet at www.hud.gov and espanol.hud.gov.


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