Kids' Privacy Statement
Animated bug flapping it's wings.Kids' Privacy Statement
HUD Kids waving goodbyeWe are very excited that you're visiting our web site! We hope you're visiting with parents/guardians and teachers so they'll know how much information you can find here and how much fun it is to look for it! But, first, there are some things you, and your parents, need to know about privacy and how we'll treat you when you visit us.

We don't collect any information about you, but we do collect information about your computer. For example, if you visit our web site to read or download information we want to know how your computer found us. It may have been through your school or from an on line service provider. We also want to know what day and time your computer visited, which of our pages you visited, and which you liked the most. All of this information will help us build a better web site.

We are also interested in what you have to say. If you want to write to us, and tell us who you are and where you live, we use your e-mail address from your message to respond to you. You don't have to tell us any information, it's entirely up to you. If you do, though, make sure it's okay with your parents or guardian first! We can't respond to your message without an e-mail address, but you can still write and visit the rest of our web site without providing any information about yourself. When you do provide information through our web site, it is only used to enable us to respond to you.

We'd really like it if you ask your parents or guardian to visit our official privacy statement for more information.